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Comprehension Aspect


Ex. 1. Match the following words on the left with the appropriate synonyms on the right:

teach a brunch of knowledge, esp. the one studied at school, college, or university
skills the action or process of educating or of being educated; also: a stage of such a process
subject the ability to use one's knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance
lesson the courses offered by an educational institution; a set of courses constituting an area of specialization
education to cause to know something; to guide the studies of smb.; to impart the knowledge
curriculum a short period of time when people are taught about a particular subject or taught how to do a particular activity


Ex. 2. Some of the following sentences can be incorrect. Find the mistakes and correct them.

1. Making a decision in favour of a teaching career can be an unsophisticated and easy-going undertaking.

2. As a teacher you may have a very carefully planned day with fixed times and scheduled routine tasks.

3. A good teacher should be a tolerant and knowledgeable person.

4. Teaching chemistry at school mostly means to present the theoretical information to the pupils in a clear and well-defined form.

5. To become a chemistry teacher one needs a formal education, specifically science subjects, as well as subjects and practical training in pedagogics and psychology.


Ex. 3. Complete the following passage using the words from the box.


subjects, part, become, educational, school, models, teachers, way, job, teach

There is an old expression that says, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach”. Whoever believes in this statement obviously has never had to spend an afternoon trying to (1)… kids, let alone for an entire school year. (2)… fulfill an important role in society and they have the potential to play an important (3) … in any child’s upbringing. If you are looking for advice on how to (4) … a teacher you should know that the job (and training) can be quite demanding. Not everyone can (or should) become a teacher and it’s important to do some self-reflection to see if the (5)… might be for you. The world will always need good teachers, especially those who aren’t happy to settle for simply meeting (6)… requirements. Teachers can also be role (7)… and guides to help kids to navigate through the often frustrating task of growing up. As a teacher, it will be your responsibility to successfully teach them the core (8) …subjects so that they can move away from the hang-up of possibly poor scholastic performance, and move towards finding their (9) … through the other aspects of being in (10)… .

Ex. 4. In small groups or with your group-mate:

- Discuss your motivation for choosing the teaching career. Work out and name Top 10 reasons for it.

- Suggest the measures which could promote the retention of chemistry teachers and improve the conditions of teaching chemistry at school.

- Debate how universities could motivate students to pursue a career in teaching sciences.


Case study

1. Can you think of any interconnections between the above mentioned directions of chemistry?

2. Specify positive and negative effects of development of the above mentioned directions of chemistry on:

- research scientists

- environment

- humanity and its further development

3. Which direction do you consider to be the most highly developed in Belarus? Why?

4. Which sphere of chemistry can “boast” of having the greatest number of achievements made by our Belarusian chemists?


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