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What is necessary to become a teacher?


Teachers are called teachers because they teach. If you look carefully, the word 'teacher' has the verb 'teach' in it. The suffix-erwas added because it means ‘someone who doesthe thing indicated by the verb’. Make no mistake; teaching is like no other profession. As a teacher, you will wear many hats. You will, to name but of a few of the roles teachers assume in carrying out their duties, be a communicator, a disciplinarian, a conveyor of information, an evaluator, a classroom manager, a counselor, a member of many teams and groups, a decision-maker, a role-model, and a surrogate parent.

Each of these roles requires practice and skills that are often not taught in teacher preparation programs. Make no mistake; as a teacher, your day doesn't necessarily end when the school bell rings. If you're conscientious, you will be involved in after school meetings, committees, assisting students, grading homework, assignments, projects, and calling parents. All these demand some sacrifice of your personal time. Teaching probably won't make you rich, and, to be sure, no one should make any career decision without gathering as much information as possible and thinking it over carefully. If you're committed to excellence as a teacher, it's a sacrifice you can live with. If not, you will be uncomfortable at best.

What is the role of a teacher in general? Here are some former students' definitions of a teacher:

- Amy, CINCINNATI, OH. ‘Teachers play multiple parts in students' lives. From kindergarten on up through the college years, a teacher can be at various times a role model, a parent, a sponsor, a peace officer, a nurse, a caretaker, a challenger, a referee, a supporter, a confessor, a friend, and a mentor. And the best teachers take each and every one of these roles seri­ously! A teacher is someone who holds your future in his or her hands. Someone who always seemed "old" to me. Some­one I had lots of respect for (although I'm not sure that's the case with many students and teachers these days). To me, a teacher was always someone who just plain knew more than I did - and probably still does!’

- Pat, VERONA, PA. ‘A teacher is a person who helps others to succeed.’

- Renee, TEMPLE, TX. ‘A teacher is... a helper.’

- Sarah, NORTHAMPTON, MA. ‘A good teacher is a person who respects children and whose students, in turn, respect him or her. A person who knows how to make a child feel special. A person who is creative enough to open up whole worlds to young minds.’

- Sue, TUCSON, AZ. ‘Someone who challenges me to try harder, to think "outside of the box." A role model for learning. Some of the most difficult teachers I had are now, in retrospect, those I consider the best.’

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