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The USA and answer the following question.

-What types of houses are there in Britain and the USA?


It is common knowledge that a house is a building for people to live in. But in English this word is narrower than in Russian and can be defined as a building intended for one household, for a family to live in. English houses usually have two or three stories and are built of brick or stone. They may be detached, semi-detached or terraced.

A detachedhouse stands by itself with some space on each side, it is a separate house for a family. A semi-detachedhouse is in fact two houses joined together by one common wall and each having its own entrance. In the second half of the 20-th century terraced houses were built that were much cheaper than detached and semi-detached houses.

A terraced houseis a small house with a separate entrance joined together with other identical houses in a long row.

In Britain there are also tenement housesortenementswhich mean a larger house for the use of many families at low rents.

One can also live in a boarding house – a private house which provides board and lodging for a relatively small number of people

(“board” means food, meals; “ lodging” means a place to live in). They are usually less formal than a hotel, and cheaper.

Many people in Britain and the USA live in flats A flatis a unit on one floor, as a rule lived by one family, forming a part of a large block of flats. A flat can be very large or it may be a bed-sitting room with a kitchen and a bathroom ( a bed-sitter). Note that in Britain the side of a flat is judged by the number of bedrooms; there may be six, eight or more bedrooms in a large flat or house. A many-storeyed house consisting of separate flats is called a block of flats.

In the USA they call these buildings apartment houseswhich consist of separate apartments. An apartmentis a single room or a set of rooms in a large building, usually on the same floor. It is often furnished and rented for a week or month.

In the countryside people may live in a bungalow or in a cottage.

A bungalowis a building of one storey with or without a verandah.

A cottageis a villager’s small building or a small country residence, generally two-storeyed, with two or three rooms downstairs and the same upstairs built of stone or brick. Most houses in the country are cottages since they were built for farm workers and craftsmen to live in.

Those who love nature, fresh country air go out of town for a weekend or a holiday and live in a country house or a weekend house.

A country houseis a large and often luxurious house in the country built by the upper and upper-middle classes.

A weekend houseis a small house in the country, usually one storey with a piece of land. Don’t confuse it with a summer house.

A summer houseis only a light building in a garden or park for sitting in.


Ex.3.26 Complete the following sentences.

A detached house is---------------------------------------------------------

A many-storeyed house consisting of separate flats is called---------

In the countryside people may live in-------------------------------------

4. Most houses in the country are--------------------------------------------

A light building in a garden or park for sitting in is called------------

In the USA they call buildings with separate flats----------------------

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