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IV. Complete each sentence with two to five words, including the word in bold.

1. It wasn’t necessary for her to buy me a present, but she did.

boughtShe ____________________ me a present.


2.You mustn’t interrupt the teacher when she is talking.

allowedYou ____________________ the teacher when she is talking.


3.“What a spectacular view!” said Virginia.

exclaimedVirginia _____________________ was spectacular.


4.“I’m sure he didn’t go to the cinema last night.”

haveHe ____________________ the cinema last night.


5. It’s possible that they will sell their house.

mayThey _____________________ their house.


6.They will give Lily a pay rise this month.

beLily ____________________ a pay rise this month.


7. Someone told us about the party.

were We ____________________ the party.


8. Janet needs someone to teach her how to drive.

beJanet needs _____________________ how to drive.


9. People say that a problem shared is a problem halved.

beA problem shared ____________________ a problem halved.


10.The boss will shout at you if you’re late again.

getYou ____________________ if you’re late again.

V. Fill in the gaps with “if” or “when” and a verb in the Present tense.

1. We might go for a walk tomorrow. _____, we will take the dog with us.

2. The guests will arrive soon. _____, we will greet them at the door.

3. The bus comes at eight o’clock. _____, we will all get on it.

4. She might invite us to the party. ______ us, we will go.

5. Mark may lend me some money. _____ some money, I will buy that jacket.


VI. In pairs , ask and answer questions about what you would do in each of the following situations. Use your own ideas.

Model:1. _____ you / see / someone committing a robbery?

A: What would you do if you saw someone committing a robbery?

B: If I saw someone committing a robbery, I would call the police.


2. _____ you / find / a lot of money.

3. _____ a fire / start / in your home.

4. _____ you / have / a headache.

5. _____ you / see / a stray dog outside your house.

6. _____ your boss / shout / at you.


VII. Correct the mistakes.

1. “Could you help me lift this box?” “Of course I could.”

2. Need I to book a table in advance?

3. Although she was exhausted, she could finish the race.

4. I must have my car repaired last month.

5. The bus can be late today because there is a lot of traffic.


VIII. Use the prompts to talk about the prisoner’s regrets.

Model:never meet / John and his gang.

Frank wishes he had never met John and his gang.


a). listen / wife’s advice

b). not leave / job

c). not join / gang

d). not rob / bank

e). not get / ten-year sentence


IX. Fill in the correct tense.

1. I wish he _____ (not / interrupt) me while I’m trying to make a point.

2. If only you _____ (not / react) so rudely to Mary’s comment at the meeting.

3. I wish Harriet _____ (join) us on the excursion this weekend.

4. If only he _____ (be) more tactful.

5. Luke wishes he _____ (not / forget) to turn off the water heater before he left.

6. I wish I _____ (buy) tickets for last night’s rock concert.


X. Turn the following questions into Reported Speech.

1. “Who was at the party last night?” he asked me.

2. “When will the package be delivered?” she asked us.

3. “Where is the building?” he asked me.

4. “How can I get to Pine Street?” she asked me.


XI. Rewrite the sentences in Reported Speech.

1. “I saw Jack a month ago”, Kate said.

2. “She will talk to the entire class”, he said.

3. “You’ll never believe what happened yesterday!” Kathy said.

4. “Sally was working hard in the lab yesterday”, Ann said to me.




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