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Let me introduce my friend Vladimir, a first year student of the faculty of natural sciences of the Murmansk State Technical University. His specialized field is mining. He is 17 too. We have much in common: the same interests and attitude to life. Very often our opinions coincide, sometimes they differ. But we never quarrel; there is mutual understanding between us. He is very pleasant in manner and appearance. He is even-tempered, calm and frank. He is persistent, but sometimes he looses his temper and becomes either angry or sad. He likes to laugh and to joke. He has a good sense of humor. He is clever and hard-working. Vladimir does his study well though he says that sometimes study makes him tired. He goes out to disco or he plays computer games quite often, and as a result he doesn’t go to bad until late at night or rather early in the morning. So, he doesn’t always listen to lectures in class (he goes to sleep there). In spite of this fact he always comes on time because he doesn’t like to be a minute late for his lessons. He is not a great sportsman but he is always in good shape and if he doesn’t have time to go to a gym, he keeps fit by physical exercises.

His family is not very large. He has a father, a mother and a teenage sister called Ann. They live in a three room flat in the center of the city.

His father is a professional painter; he works for a design company. He is always early for work. He has a lot of work to do in his office. He is busy almost every day. He often works late. Sometimes when he comes home he looks exhausted and the only thing he wants is to watch TV without doing anything. By the way he is fond of watching football matches. If there is something of this kind on, the whole family has nothing to do but watch it. He hasn’t got a particular hobby as he doesn’t have enough time. It is untrue to say that he doesn’t help his wife about the house, from time to time he goes shopping or washes up, not more. As a matter of fact he makes a reasonable amount of money.

His mother is a teacher of music and plays the piano well. She is very energetic and talkative. She always has a lot of work to do about the house and at school. Despite it she always looks terrific. I don’t know when she finds time. Every day she is at work. After work she hunts around shops for high quality goods, then she cooks because she doesn’t allow anybody to do it, but frankly speaking nobody wants to spend evenings in the kitchen; besides, everybody likes her meals. Of course she is a marvelous cook. Her only disadvantage is that she spends money like water, but who doesn’t like to do it?

As for his sister, she is always busy at school. She does her study well. She manages to find time to have a get together with her friends, to help mother with washing up, cleaning the flat and doing her home work. She is as good as gold.

His grandparents don’t live with them. As they are old-age pensioners they prefer to live in a village. Vladimir is always very glad to see them.

As you can understand they are very different but they are a family.



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