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17. Hermitage museum. The development of Italian Art in the 14th 18th centuries.

It takes 30 rooms It covers the period from 14century up to 18 century.

Early renaissance 13 century, 14 century. ( 14 .)

The very early renaissance of the14th century is represented in the Hermitage in this room. One of the finest exhibits of this period is ANNUNCIATION (Madonna) by Simone Martini (1284-1344) Simone Martini was a monk and an artist from Siena.

THE VISION OF SAINT AUGUSTIN. Fra Filippo Lippy (1406-1469)

We have real masterpieces

High renaissance. Venetian school. His name is Giorgione [] (1478-1510)

Leonardo da Vinci (1452 1519) which opened up a new era in the development of Italian art the high renaissance. In the Hermitage there are 2 paintings by him out of about 10 existed in the world. Both are early painting. THE BENOIS MADONNA sometimes called MADONNA WITH A FLOWER.

In 1482 created MADONNA LITTA (MADONNA WITH A GOLDFINCH )(1480-1491).

Another very famous master of renaissance Titian [] - 8 painting are in the Hermitage. Most of them are from his mature period. painting DANAE was created in the 1550s (Apart from the Hermitage Danae there are 4 other versions of the work by Titian). Maria Magdalena was painted in the 1560s It considered among the fines Titians canvases. About 10 years later SAINT SEBASTIAN was created (Titian was in his 90s).

One more master of high renaissance is Raphael Raphaels loggia RaphaelThe first one is THE CONISTABBELLE MADONNA. It was pained for the Conistabbelle family around 1502 when the artist was not yet 20. In 1504 Raphael left for Florence where he spent 4 years. There he got influence by Leonardo da Vincis creation of deed and during that period his other painting was created. THE HOLY FAMILY (THE MADONNA AND CHILD WITH BEARDLESS JOSEPH)

Great sculptor, port and architect of that time -Michelangelo 1475-1564. there is only one sculpture in Russia it is in the Hermitage THE CROUCHING BOY. This marble sculpture created in the early 1530s was carved for the Medichy chapel in Florence.

the 17th century Caravaggio. Caravaggio was the leading figure in the Italian realism THE LUTE PLAYER The painting portrait a young Italian with a simple but expressive face playing the lute and singing quietly. Caravaggio had no pupils but some painter were influence so much by his manner that fallowed it.

Three holly women after 3 days of the crucifixion came to the tomb of Christ. They saw and angel who said The Christ is not here. He is rezoned. All figures are beautiful. You see bright colors.

18. Hermitage museum. Rembrandt (1606-1669)

The greatest Duch artist was Rembrandt The Hermitage has 26 paintings of him. This collection is the 2nd largest in the world after the Amsterdam collection.

Rembrandt was born in the town of Leidin in 1606. In 1631 he move to Amsterdam and settled there. In 1634 he married a girl from a rich family. His wife Saskia became a permanent model of his painting and a symbol of the happiest period of the artists life. He often portrait her. And here you see her in his painting FLORA, as the goddess of spring and flowers. She is dressed in a heavy settled garment () and the head of the young woman is crowned with spray of flowers.

Rembrandt worked in different genres and another his famous painting is DANEY (1636-1640). The subject was interpreted by Rembrandt with freshness and originality.

In 1985 a tragedy happened with this painting. A man with mental diseases came to the Hermitage. He brought a bottle of aside and a knife. He chose this very painting spilled the aside into it and cut it with a knife. More than 10 years the Hermitage restores spent to receive the painting


THE HOLY FAMILY was painted in 1645

DAVID FERVOR TO JANAHEN 1642 the first painting brought to Russia by Peter I.

The tsar Saul decided to kill David and Davids friend Jonathan, who was the tsars son, warned David about it. David had to flew away. Here we see the seine when they say goodbye to each other. In this painting Rembrandt showed his sorrow about Saskia. David has got Rembrandts face (no self-portraits of Rembrandt in the Hermitage), in the golden hair is Saskia.

The best painting in the collection THE RETURN OF THE PRODIGAL SON (1668-1669).



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