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6. The main squares of St.-Petersburg. Their architectural ensembles. Historical events associated with them.

The Palace Square. This is the historical center of the city. Its called so because the Winter Palace is situated there. Composition of this square includes the general staff building, headquarters building, and the triumphal arch and In the center of the square the Alexander Column (architect O. Monferan, 1834). Its the highest monolithic column in Europe. It stands without any support due to its own weight.

Another name of the square, Square of three revolutions. At first 1905 Bloody Sanday Peaceful demonstration was shooted down. They wanted to give the petition to the tsar to improve their live conditions. 1917 february monarchy came to an end when n2 abdicated. There were two governments. Provisional government and soviets were ruling till July. It July provisional gov took the power. In October 1917 the third revolution began. And soviets took the power.

Isaacs Square. This square is called so due to majestic Cathedral which situated here and which was built in 1818-1858 by the French architect O. Monferan. In the center of the square there is equestrian statue of Nicolas I which was designed by O. Monferan but sculptured by Peter Klodt. Mariinsky palace is a wedding gift from father to daughter. It was designed by Shtocinshnaider. Blue Bridge is the part of the square and connects Mariinsky Palace and monument of Nicolas I. Its the widest bridge in the city. Its called Blue Bridge due to fence. Hotel Astoria is one of St. Pt. leading hotels.

Senate Square. It is so called because senate is courts of Russia and synod the body of the church are situated there. They were founded by peter the great. Another name of this square is Decembrists Square. Its called so to commemorate the historical event which took place here on the 25 of December 1825 The Decembrists uprising. They wanted to abolish serfdom and constitutional monarchy. The ensemble of senate square includes monument of bronze horseman.

Theatre square is the center of theatre life. Mariinsky theatre Opera and ballet 1860. It was called so after emperors A2 wife name. Architected by Kavos. This is the symbol of Russia. Against it there are Conservatory. This is the university for composes and musicians. Many famous people were educated there. It is the oldest conservatory in Russia. It was founded by Rubenshtane 1862. Near the Conservatory there are two monuments to Glinka (Live for the tsar) and Rimsky Korsakov they were composes.

Square of arts. Museums and theatres are situated there. The main building on the square is Mikaylovsky palace. Michael is the younger brother of A1 was lived there with his family. Than it went to the treasury. And later Russian museum was founded there. There are over 400 000 exhibits they tell us the development of Russian art from ancient times up to modern days. on this square There are Mikhailovsky theatre opera and ballet, Grand hotel Europe, The big philharmonic hall, Museum of ethnography tells about nationalities of Russia. In the center of the square there is monument Alexander Pushkin.


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