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Article III. Officers of the Governing Board


3.1. The President is the official leader of the organization and head of the Governing Board and is responsible for the following tasks:

3.1.2. Representing his/her organization in working with external organizations;

3.1.3. Defining the main directions of the organization and its development priorities for the coming year;

3.1.4. Monitoring implementation of all S3 projects;

3.1.5. Presiding at all meetings and being responsible for appointing all standing, special, and ad-hoc committees and shall perform such other duties as usually required of this office. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.

3.1.6. President is elected for the period of 4 semesters by voting of other members of the Governing Board, and outgoing President;

3.1.7. President shall report to the Chairman of the of the Council of Young Scientists on a regular basis.


3.2. The Vice President for Internal Affairs shall be engaged in internal organizational and administrative affairs of S3:

3.2.1. Organization and carrying out of all activities;

3.2.2. Organization and improvement of action plan;

3.2.3. Controlling the execution of organizational aspects of activities;

3.2.4. Reporting to the President.

3.2.5. Vice President shall act in the absence of the President in all capacities as listed in Section 3.1. and shall assist in conducting the business of S3.


3.3. The Vice President for External Affairs shall be engaged in external organizational and administrative affairs of S3:

3.3.1. Assisting and coordinating support for students presenting scientific works abroad, including flight, accommodation, living expenses, visas, etc.;

3.3.2. Attracting sponsoring companies of national and international scale for cooperation with S3;

3.3.3. Budgeting for the coming academic year;

3.3.4. Accounting responsibilities;

3.3.5. Reporting to the President.


3.4. Secretary:

3.4.1. Reporting sessions;

3.4.2. Taking minutes of the S3 meetings;

3.4.2. Controlling current activities;

3.4.3. Controlling attendance and work performance;

3.4.4. Reporting to the President.

3.4.5. Maintaining and preserving all – hard copy, electronic, etc. – library of S3.


3.5. PR-Manager:

3.5.1. Developing and controlling website of S3.

3.5.2. Designing an advertising events, logos, etc.;

3.5.3. Working with University’s mass media;

3.5.4. Notifying members of other student organizations and the faculty about upcoming events.



Article IV. Membership


4.1. Induction to S3 is carried throughout the year on a rolling basis.


4.2. Any KBTU student expressing interest and determination to engage in science and research activities can apply for or be invited by the Governing Board for membership in S3.


4.3. Members:

a. The members of S3 shall be currently enrolled students at Kazakh-British Technical University.

b. They become members by invitation and/or application.


4.4. Privileges and Responsibilities of Membership:

a. Voting: Each member is entitled to one vote.

b. Privileges: Each member shall be entitled to all services of the organization.

c. Participation: Each member shall be entitled to participate in all organizational events.



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