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At the head of the food and beverage department is the food and beverage manager.

The kitchen supervisor is the head chef. He is in charge of specialist chefs, cooks and kitchen helpers.

The cooks do the actual cooking of meals. The chefs supervise them. The kitchen helpers wash, peel and cut up the vegetables, wash and cut the meat.

There is a pantry in the food and beverage department. It has got the dishes, china, glassware, napery, facilities for warming up the dishes. The storekeeper is in charge of the pantry. Her duties also include dispatching of food and beverages within the department.

There is also a wine steward. After the customers have chosen dishes on the menu, he recommends and serves wine to them.

The main person in the dining-hall is the maitre díhotel. He is in charge of all restaurant services. He meets, greets and seats the customers. Often he takes the orders from the customers.

Waiters and waitresses serve food to the customers. They take orders and bring food to the tables.

The busboy cleans the tables, pours water and brings rolls for the customers.

The bartender mixes and pours alcoholic drinks for customers at the bar.


1. Who is at the head of the food and beverage department?

2. Who is the head chef in charge of?

3. What do the chefs, the cooks and the kitchen helpers do?

4. What is there in the pantry? Who is in charge of it?

5. What does the storekeeper do?

6. What does the wine steward do?

7. What are the duties of the maitre díhotel?

8. What are the duties of the waiter?

9. What does the busboy do?

10. What does the bartender do?


At the head of the catering department is the catering manager.

The catering department is separate from the food and beverage department. It has got different functions.

The caterer provides different services from the restaurant.

The restaurant serves small groups of customers. A caterer arranges and prepares parties, banquets, large group meals.

The caterer has to deal with large quantities of food and beverages.

The caterer must also manage the employees who work at those gatherings.

Conventions always require this kind of service. Conventions are assemblies of professionals, businessmen or government officials. They get together to exchange ideas and information. Conventions use a lot of hotel facilities and catering services.

Experts have come to the conclusion that the success of a convention may strongly depend on a well-run banquet.

The catering business hasnít yet reached its peak. The number of conventions has grown and volume of catering services has also grown. Conventions will continue to increase. So the need for catering services will increase, too.


1. Who is at the head of the catering department?

2. How do the catering department and the food and beverage
department differ?

3. What does the caterer have to deal with?

4. What are conventions?

5. What kind of conclusion have experts come to?

6. Why will the need for catering services increase?

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