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Заполните пропуски соответствующими артиклями.

1. Yesterday I saw a new pupil in our class.

2. Washington is on the Potomac river.

3. Gagarin was the first man to fly over the Earth.

4. Her friend has a cat and a dog.

5. In summer we went to the White Sea.

6. I can see a photo on the wall.

7. I want to be a teacher.

8. He is Helen by the first name.

9. Is your dress made of silk or cotton?

10. The boss was a woman at about 30.

11. An orange is on the plate.

12. Moscow is the biggest city.

Заполните пропуски предлогами.

1. My wife turned to me and said “What the matter with you?”

2. Suggest Nick taking off his coat.

3. We moved to another town last year.

4. On the war we were in the same front.

5. He was on old friend of ours.

6. You will see the New Year in with us.

7. Soon we were all sitting at the table.

8. Was he joking on me?

9. Did you join to us?

10. I have never been to London.

11. She invited me in her room.

12. It was the most pleasant party in my life.

Преобразуйте активную конструкцию в пассивную.

1. Many students are writing the test now. The test is being written by many students now.

2. She relied on her son. Her son was relied on by her.

3. He will beg food and money in the street. Food and money will be begged in the street by him.

4. He committed the suicide last evening. The suicide was committed by him last night.

5. They have introduced him to this court. He has been introduced to this court.

6. The British people wanted to talk about the weather. The weather was wanted to talk about by the British people.

7. She has asked her friend about everything. Her friend has been asked by her about everything.

8. We knew many interesting facts about his life. Many interesting facts about his life were known.

9. He will read the lecture. The lecture will be read by him.

10. The milkman will bring milk. Milk will be brought by the milkman.

11. Her mother will bake the cake. The cake will be baked by her mother.

12. Someone has taken his pen. His pen has been taken by someone.

Преобразуйте пассивную конструкцию в активную.

1. Yesterday our flight was delayed because of fog. Yesterday they delayed our flight because of fog.

2. Letters have been sent to all our clients. They have sent letters to all our clients.

3. These trees were planted here two centuries ago. They planted these trees two centuries ago.

4. This sort of advertisement is seen everywhere. We see this sort of advertisement everywhere.

5. Nothing can be done about this. We can do nothing about this.

6. When I got on the bus, money was collected by the bus driver. When I got on the bus, the bus driver collected money.

7. My car is fixed every evening. They fix my car every evening,

8. Don’t enter! The dictation is being written now. They are writing the dictation now.

9. By the time the boss returned, the fax had been receive by the manager. By the time the boss returned, the manager had received the fax.

10. This letter was being signed at 4 yesterday. They were signing this letter at 4 yesterday.

11. Most business is based on the idea you buy cheap and sell dear. They base most business on the idea you buy cheap and sell dear.

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