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X 1 point) Complete the telephone talk with the appropriate telephone phrases. Write your answers in the boxes.

Secretary: Petrov: Secretary: Petrov: Secretary: Petrov: Secretary: Petrov:   Secretary: Petrov: Hello, Mr. Birds office. Can ___(1)___ ? Id like ___(2)___ . Im sorry Mr. Bird ___(3)___ . When ___(4)___ ? I think in a couple of hours. Can I ___(5)___ ? Yes, please. Could you tell him Mr. Petrov phoned and ask him ___(6)___ . He knows my telephone number. ___(7)___ . Goodbye. Thank you. Goodbye.




2.2. (10 x 2 points) This task refers to the following two e-mails. Put the correct word or phrase in each blank. Choose from the following list. Use each item once only. Write your answers (letters A, B or J) in the boxes.

A.however B.thank you for C.look forward D.we are pleased E.our benefits expert F.with real regret G.welcome H.again I.we are sorry J.unfortunately
October 25, 20_   Mr. William Prince 1785 Honeycutt Boulevard Marysville, IL 53028   Dear Mr. Prince:   __(1)__to offer you the position of Budget Assistant at Systems, Inc. We would like you to start work on Monday, November 10. You will report to your supervisor, Ms. Chen, in room 44. We are happy to offer you the salary that we discussed in your interview. Other benefits include health insurance for you and your family. __(2)__that we cannot offer life or dental insurance at this time, but we may be able to in the future. You will also get 20 vacation days and 5 sick days per year. Stock options and a pension plan are also available. I would suggest that you make an appointment to come in and speak with Emma Park, __(3)__, very soon, and she can explain the full benefits package to you. At the same time you can fill out some paperwork for us. __(4)__ to Systems, Inc. We __(5)__to working with you.     Sincerely, James Jones  
  October 31, 20_   Mr. Ivan Katz Human Resources Director Systems, Inc. 1700 Main Avenue Chicago, IL 53147   Dear Mr. Katz:   __(6)__your offer of a position at Systems, Inc. __(7)__, I have decided to take another position. I say this __(8)__ as I am sure that I would enjoy working at Systems, Inc., and the benefits are very attractive. __(9)__, I believe my new position at the Horizon Company will be better for me. Systems, Inc. has offered me a higher salary and twice as many vacation days as Horizon, but Horizon has offered me the same type of job and it's closer to my home. I find that location is very important. It would take me over an hour just to get to work if I had the job at Systems, Inc. Because of my family and other commitments, I cannot agree to put myself in such a situation. Thank you __(10)__ for the offer.   Sincerely, William Prince  

X 2 points) For questions 1-5, you have to choose the option (, , or D) which best matches the information in the letters (task 2.2).

1. What insurance benefit does Systems, Inc. offer??   (A)Life insurance (B)Health insurance (C)Dental insurance (D)Automobile insurance  
2. Who is the benefits expert at Systems, Inc.? (A)Ms. Chen (B)Ms. Park (C)Mr. Katz (D)Mr. Prince  
3. Why did Mr. Prince NOT accept a new position at Systems, Inc.?   (A)The salary is too low. (B)The benefits are not good. (C)The location is inconvenient. (D)The job isn't interesting.  
4. What job did Mr. Prince take with Horizon? (A)Budget Assistant (B)Human Resources Director (C)Budget Supervisor (D)Insurance Salesman  
5. How many vacation days a year will he get at Horizon? (A)5 (B)10 (C)20 (D)40





X 2 points) This task refers to the following table. You are to choose the one best answer (, , or D) to each question. Answer all the questions based on what is either stated directly or implied in the table.

1. Government or legal restrictions 2. Insufficient foreign demand for products 3. Lack of market information 4. Trademark and/or copyright obstacles 5. Products not adapted to foreign consumers 6. Excessive geographic distance 7. Other       32.6 18.8   37.2 4.7 7.0   46.5  
Total respondents 43* -
  *Multiple answers given by some      




1. What type of firm did the respondents to this survey represent?

(A)Those that had several franchises abroad

(B)Those that refused to ever expand abroad

(C)Those that were presently expanding in other countries

(D)Those that were established in only one country

2. What reason is stated most often?


(A)Lack of proximity

(B)Not enough research

(C)Laws forbidding products

(D)Too much trouble


3. How many participants responded to the survey?







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