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X 1 point) Complete the telephone talk with the appropriate telephone phrases. Write your answers in the boxes.

Secretary: Petrov: Secretary: Petrov:   Secretary: Petrov: Secretary: Petrov: Hello, Mr. Greenís secretary. What ___(1)___ ? Could ___(2)___ ? Who ___(3)___ ? This is Mr. Petrov from the Russian Trade Delegation. Just ___(4)___ . Sorry ___(5)___ can you hold on? Yes, ___(6)___ . Hello, you can ___(7)___ . Thank you.





2.2. (10 x 2 points) This task refers to the following two e-mails. Put the correct word or phrase in each blank. Choose from the following list. Use each item once only. Write your answers (letters A, B Ö or J) in the boxes.

A.I am enclosing B.I was very happy C.arrange D.appreciate E.I'll see you soon F.I wondered G.like the best H.I have I.you would like J.forward to seeing


  October 17, 20__   Dear Roberto,   I have some interesting news for you. My company is sending me to Greendale to work on a project in our branch office there. I will spend about three months at that branch office. __(1)__ if you could give me some advice about housing. The office can __(2)__a hotel for me, but I'd rather find something more comfortable. Since my family won't be with me, I'll only need a small apartment. Our office is downtown, right across from Greendale Park, so I'll need to be able to get there easily by public transportation. I won't have a car. I would like to pay no more than $1,500 a month. Is that possible in Greendale? I would__(3)__ any advice you could give me.   I plan to stay two weeks after my assignment is finished to travel around the area. I plan to spend most of that time at the beach. Maybe __(4)__ to join me on this vacation. __(5)__   Your friend,   Luis Silva
  October 31, 20__   Dear Luis,   __(6)__ to receive your news. I know you'll enjoy your time in our wonderful city. __(7)__a good recommendation for you. There are several hotels that have special suites that are like small apartments. They all have kitchens and are very comfortable to live in for a few months. They are also inexpensiveó about $300 less than the price you said you could pay. All of these hotels are located in the North End of the city. There are hotels in the business district, close to your office, but they don't have these comfortable suites. __(8)__some brochures so you can pick the hotel you __(9)__. I look __(10)__you and joining you on the vacation you have planned.   Your friend, Roberto Mendez

X 2 points) For questions 1-5, you have to choose the option (ņ, ¬, — or D) which best matches the information in the letters (task 2.2).

6. Why is Luis going to Greendale?   (A)To take a vacation (B)To buy house (C)To visit Luis (D)To work  
7. How long will Luis be in Greendale?   (A)Two weeks (B)Three weeks (C)Two months (D)Three months  
8. How much are the hotel suites that Roberto recommends?   (A)$300 (B)$1,200 (C)$1,500 (D)$1,800  
9. Where are the hotel suites that Roberto recommends? (A)Downtown (B)Near a park (C)In the North End (D)In the business district
10. According to his letter, what will Roberto do during Luis's stay in Greendale? (A)Work with him (B)Take him to the park (C)Invite him to his house (D)Go to the beach with him  






X 2 points) This task refers to the following table. You are to choose the one best answer (ņ, ¬, — or D) to each question. Answer all the questions based on what is either stated directly or implied in the table.


Under 25 26-35 36-50 Over 50    
MARITAL STATUS Married Divorced, Widowed, Separated Single        



1. Who makes up the largest number of factory personnel?


(A)Married women over 36

(B)Married men

(C)Divorced, widowed, or separated women, ages 36 to 50

(D)Married men, ages 26-35


2. In which category do women outnumber men?


(A)Workers who are between 26 and 35 years old

(B)Workers who are married

(C)Workers who are single

(D)Workers who are over 50


3. In which category are there fewer men than women?


(A)Under 25 years of age

(B)Over 50 years of age


(D)Ages 36-50

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X 1 point) Supply the prepositions where necessary. Write your answers in the boxes. | X 1 point) Supply the prepositions where necessary. Write your answers in the boxes.
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