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Doing business across cultures. Cultural awareness

Causes and effects of air-rage

Air rage is a phenomenon which was brought into our life by mass travel. It is a condition of a passenger characterized by disorientation, irritability and high stress level.

I think we can divide all the causes of air rage into two main groups: the first is psychological and emotional factors connected with the fear of flying and the second is frustration because of poor service. Many people can feel lost or become aggressive because they are not in control of the situation. Their feeling unsecure results in air rage. But they can also get annoyed because of cancelled or delayed flights, long queues at check-in, lost luggage. Poor in-flight service, low quality food, crowded airports also lead to air rage.

Air rage problem should be seen as a serious threat to air safety. In closed spaces it can lead to panic and mass unrest onboard. It can cause discomfort and disturb passengers. And it certainly makes the work of cabin crew more stressful and difficult.

The problem of air rage has become so large-scale that air companies have to do something about it. First of all, they need to dramatically improve the quality of service to reduce the stress level. Secondly, special training programs for cabin crews can help to cope with air rage if it starts.

4) What is culture? Culture-creating factors

Culture is a word that has many different meanings. There are 164 definitions of “culture”, however, it is usually understood as a set of shared values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization, group of people, or country.

A country culture is shaped by many different factors. I would like to start with geography which is the general terrain and physical features such as mountains, rivers and proximity to the sea and climate, I mean weather conditions in different seasons and their length. Particular belief systems with their rituals and traditions, in one word, religion, also influence national culture. Culture is also affected by historical events like wars, revolutions, natural disasters which took place on the territory of the country. Culture can not be imagined without its system of values – things which are considered important and guide people’s lives such as attitudes to family, money, honesty, superstitions and nature.

The list of factors shaping culture can be a long one. But I believe we should not forget about the language which on the one hand influences national culture and on the other hand serves as a tool of communication between different cultures.


Doing business across cultures. Cultural awareness

Cultural Awareness means understanding of how people of different cultures live, communicate and behave in different situations and using this knowledge to adapt your own behavior. Cultural awareness should not be seen only as speaking a foreign language. It is not enough to understand the speech of people of a different culture. You have to know their values, traditions, religion, behavior rules and taboos not only for personal communication but also for doing business successfully in the global market.

Globalization makes cultural awareness absolutely essential for any company doing business abroad. Understanding a foreign culture can mean keeping or losing a customer. To succeed in overseas markets, businessmen need to understand how all components of local culture influence business and how to adapt their own behavior to specific localities and situations. Special attention should be paid to negotiating styles, punctuality, etiquette, topics for conversation and corporate hospitality.

How can you get skills of cross-cultural communication? There are lots of Internet sites and special guidebooks for businessmen offering recommendations on how to behave in different situations. The best universities have courses on cross-cultural awareness and doing business abroad. But the best way is to meet people of different cultures personally.

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