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Task 6. Idioms and Fixed Phrases

I.Fill in the gaps in the sentences below with one of the following idioms:

to catch the wind with a net a bit of blue sky a storm in a tea cup under the weather not to have the foggiest idea to be snowed under thunderous applause to snowball to chase rainbows to be on cloud nine to save for a rainy day out of season

1. When the audience like a performance, they show it with ...

2. When you feel that you'll never finish your work, you're ...

3. When you are completely in the dark about something, you ...

4. When a project gets bigger and bigger, it...

5. When you are ecstatically happy, you are ...

6. When you feel unwell, you say that you are ...

7. When you pursue illusory goals or hopes, you ...

8. When you get yourself busy with a useless thing, you ...

9. When you lay up money for the future, you ...

10. When something is absolutely out of place, it is ...

11. When somebody gets some hope at last, he or she gets ...

12. When there is a lot of fuss about a small mishap, it is ...

II.Underline the correct word and then explain the phrases.

1. Despite the teacher's best efforts, the students were all in a fog / cloud at the end of the lesson.

2. Come snow / rain or shine, you can always depend on Tim to be on time.

3. I'm afraid I have to cast a cloud / fog over the celebration and give you some bad news.

4. This is a sad time for everyone, but if we pull together we will weather the storm / snow.

5. We should be safe here. After all, thunder / lightning never strikes in the same place twice.

6. It's a beautiful day! We might as well make hay while the sun shines / brightens and go to the beach for a picnic.

7. The boss is furious but hasn't said anything. I'm afraid it's the calm / peace before the storm.

III.Complete the sentences using two to five words, including the word given.

1. I really don't understand how computers work even though I've taken a course.

(fog) Although I've taken a course, I'm ____________________ when it comes to computers.

2. Sarah goes to the gym every evening no matter what.

(shine)Every evening, ____________________, Sarah goes to the gym.

3. The teacher hasn't said anything about our bad test results, but I'm sure she will.

(calm) Although the teacher hasn't said anything about our bad test results, I'm sure it's just ____________________ the storm.

4. I really don't want to spoil your holiday plans, but there may be an airline strike in August.

(cloud)I don't mean to ____________________ over your holiday plans, but there may be an airline strike in August.

Task 7. Work in pairs. Pick up any 10 or more weather idioms and metaphors you find most interesting and useful. Make up 10 fresh context sentences using these idioms. Translate them into your native language. Get ready to work in groups of four doing translation back and forth.



Task 1. Make up the lists of active vocabulary units you could use answering each of these questions.

1. What comes to your mind when you hear the word “weather”?

2. What is your favourite season? Why?

3. What is your favourite weather?

4. What do you think of today’s weather?

5. In your opinion, what weather is the most pleasant (ugliest)?

6. Where do you get information?

7. Why is it important to know future conditions in advance?

8. Have you ever had extreme weather?

9. What kind of climate do you prefer when you choose the place to go on holiday?

10. Do you think weather effects the way people feel?

11. How does the weather change your mood?

12. How does the weather change your life style?

13. Which season is the most comfortable for you?

14. What new weather would you like to invent?

15. Comment on the following saying: “Wherever you go no matter what the weather always bring your own sunshine.”

Task 2. Write a final topic based on the following questions. Get ready to present your topic in class.

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