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1. wordprocessor   2. mailmerge   3. tab (key)   4. package (software)   5. download   6. icon   7. upgrade   8. simulation   9. payroll package a. an application program or collection of programs that can be used in different ways b. to copy a file from a server to a client computer in a network c. a small picture used in a WIMP system to re­present a program folder or file or performance of a system d. a change that improves the features e. a type of computer application program used for typing and editing text documents f. the computer keyboard key that is used to move the cursor to the next tabulation point in a wordprocessor program so that data can be spaced evenly on the screen g. a wordprocessing facility that causes a mailing list to be automatically combined with a standard letter to produce a separate copy of the letter addressed to each person on the mailing list h. a set of computer programs used for calculating pay cheques i. a programmed virtual environment that imitates a real or planned system



Task 5. Mark the following as True or False.


1. The advantages of this system include: the need for a broadband network connection or a leased line. 2. Sim City is a simulation program in which the user has to develop a city by building roads and 3D (three-dimensional) buildings, setting taxes, etc. 3. Tomb Raider is a popular adventure game that appeared only in one version. 4. Applications programs are programs that allow the user to do various types of work on a computer e.g. wordprocessors, databases. 5. A set of related applications programs is referred to as database. 6. Tomb Raider is a popular office package. 7. Mailmerging is a useful feature found in most office suites. 8. The default button is the option that is selected automatically. 9. The Patient Browser Program is a type of adventure game that has appeared in various versions.


Task 6. Complete the gaps in these instructions for finding the records of all members of the Green family living in postcode WX14 3PH and registered with any doctor in the practice.


1. First enter the search criteria by ... . 2. To ... , enter Green in the Surname box. 3. Ensure both male and female members of the family are found by ... . 4. ... select the Address tab. 5. Having ... , enter the postcode. 6. ... choose the Registration tab. 7. Once ... , select All doctors. 8. ... , click on Find to ... .


Task 7. State the type of the conditional sentences and translate them.


1. If there was a power cut while you were using your computer, you might lose data. 2. If you install a faster processor, your computer can process data faster. 3. If you don’t virus-check floppies, you can get a virus. 4. If you forgot your password, you would not be able to access your computer. 5. If you press the delete key, it will delete the character to the right of the cursor. 6. Were there no computers, we would not be able to do much of what we are capable to do today. 7. If you had installed a modem, you would have been able to connect to a telephone line. 8. If you added more memory, it would speed up the computer. 9. Had you used an LCD display, you would have had more space at your desk. 10. If you forget to save regularly, you may lose data. 11. If you had used a search engine, you might have found information on the Web more quickly. 12. If you forgot your password, you would not be able to access your computer. 13. If you had pressed Print Screen, you could have made a copy of the screen. 14. If you press Ctrl+Alt+Del in Windows 98, it will display a list of active programs. 15. If there were no other folders, you wouldn’t have a letter box in there.


Task 8. Open the brackets and put the verb in brackets into a suitable tense form.


1. If you had been beginner, you (to choose) a free ISP, but you are not. 2. If you need to access your email from any computer, web-based email (to be) a good idea. 3. If you (to include) a site map, it would help visitors to navigate your site. 4. If I had time, I (to like) to build in new links. 5. If I (have to make) a choice, I would look at the other sites too for good reasons. 6. If Peter (to have) a computer, his favourite site would have been the Internet Movie Database. 7. If you click the mouse pointer on the file, it (to be highlighted). 8. You (not to save) a file until you name it. 9. It the user (to be provided) with remote access it would have saved him having to install and maintain programs. 10. If the wordprocessing program supports the use of a mouse, the cursor (to be moved) to a new position by repositioning the mouse pointer and pressing a button on the mouse. 11. If he had not given open access to PCS, he (not get) viruses. 12. If you spilt coffee on the keyboard you (may) damage it. 13. If you (to wait) until a computer reached normal room temperature, you wouldn’t have damaged the hard disk. 14. If the OK button is clicked, the copying process (to begin). 15. If I (to be) you I would look at other sites too for good ideas.


Task 9. Problem-Solving. Study these versions of OfficeSuite and which version provides the best for the following users. The versions are listed from cheapest to most expensive.


OfficeSuite Standard § wordprocessor § spreadsheet § presentation program § email § PIM OfficeSuite Small Business Edition § wordprocessor § spreadsheet § DTP § email § PIM § small business tools OfficeSuite Professional § wordprocessor § spreadsheet § database § DTP § presentation program § email § small business tools
  OfficeSuite Premium § wordprocessor § spreadsheet § database § DTP § presentation program § email § PIM § small business tools § website editor § image editor OfficeSuite Developer § wordprocessor § spreadsheet § database § DTP § presentation program § email § PIM § small business tools § website editor § image editor § developer tools  


1. A salesperson who wants to make presentations at conferences. 2. An administrative assistant who needs to write office correspondence and send and receive emails. 3. A programmer who wants to develop applications tailo­red to a company's needs. 4. A company wanting to produce its own in-house newsletter. 5. A company wishing to develop its own website. 6. A company which wants to analyse all its sales records. 7. A promotions person who wants to be able to edit complex graphics and incorporate them in brochures. 8. A company which wants to share documents on a local area network.


Task 10. Translate into English.



Task 11. Writing. Give your recommendations for one of the users.


1. a museum

2. publishers of a subscription-only magazine

3. police headquarters


Give reasons for each applications program you recommend.

Make use of the following words and word combinations in the box.

database, to catalogue items, to be accessed by, spreadsheet for, wordprocessing for, programs to monitor, DTP, mailmerging for addressing correspondence, subscribers, graphics package, specialist package, specialist graphics, package for producing photo fits


Task 12. Topics for discussion.


1. Applications programs, their aims and functions.

2. Speak on the Patient Browser program.

3. What popular adventure games do you know?

4. What kind of program is Sim City? Describe it.

5. ASP and its functions.

6. Advantages and disadvantages of ASP.


Task 13. Read the text below to find the answers to the following questions.

1. How do you pay for the applications provided by an ASP? (a. no charge; b. charged according to use; c. single payment) 2. What two main services does an ASP provide? 3. How does an ASP ensure that they have enough storage space for the changing needs of customers? 4. What types of applications are available from ASPs? 5. Why types of applications are available from ASPs? 6. What is one of the best established areas of ASP use?


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