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1. operating system 2. interface     3. applications (program or software) 4. Unix     5. menu   6. spreadsheet 7. swipe card   8. word processor 9. software package a. The hardware or software that connects two systems and allows them to communicate with each other. b. A popular multi-user multi-tasking operating system originally designed for mainframe computers. A wide variety of versions exist. c. The set of programs that controls the basic functions of a computer and provides communication between the application programs and the hardware. d. A computer program designed to be used for a particular purpose, e.g. a wordprocessor, spreadsheets or database program. e. A type of application program with an array of cells that is used for calculating formulas. f. A list of options displayed on a computer screen. g. An application program or collection of programs that can be used in different ways. h. A type of computer application program used for typing and editing text documents. i. A plastic card with a magnetic strip running across it containing confidential data.



Task 6. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box.


interface, supervisor, manage, memory, package, software, drives, interface, nonresident, command driven


1. An applications software ... does not communicate directly with the hardware. 2. Between the applications software and the hardware is a software ... an operating system. 3. The most important program in the operating system is the ... program, most of which remains in memory. 4. An operating system has three main functions: 1) ... the computer resources, such as the central processing unit, ..., disk ... and printers, 2) establish a user ... , and 3) execute and provide services for applications ... . 5. Unix is a ... operating system used in all sizes of computers. 6. Programs that only stay in memory while they are being used are known as ... programs.


Task 7. Complete the gaps in this summary of the text on operating systems using these linking words and phrases.


although because in addition such as but therefore

The user is aware of the effects of different applications programs ... operating systems are invisible to most users. They lie between applications programs, ... wordprocessing, and the hardware. The supervisor program is the most important. It remains in memory, ... it is referred to as resident. Others are called non-resident ... they are loaded into memory only when needed. Operating systems manage the computer's resources, ... the central processing unit . ... , they establish a user interface, and execute and provide services for applications software. ... input and output operations are invoked by applications programs, they are carried out by the operating system.


Task 8. Problem-solving try to find the commands from the lists below which will have these actions.


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