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A) Complete the following sentences.

1) My field of research is ...

2) The problem I am studying concerns ...


    I study ... investigate ... do research on ... carry out an investigation of ... undertake a study of ...


  I am engaged in     studying investigating researching into the activity the function the nature the structure the effects the action the causes the influence the properties     of …


3)     The main aim /goal of my study The chief purpose of my work The primary objective of my research     is to find out ... to discover ... to obtain ... to assess ... to demonstrate to show ... to test ... to check ... to verify …



The problem I am trying to solve The problem I am studying   is   …


    The investigation I am carrying out     is interesting, challenging, original, promising fascinating important /significant of practical importance /of great service for … of fundamental value
involves certain difficulties. presents a challenging area of human activity.




    In my work I turn for help to turn for advice to consult with discuss things with my supervisor my colleagues my fellow workers co-workers
consult standard reference books



    I   carry out make perform     experiments to determine the parameters of ... to examine facts about/questions concerning ... to measure the rate of/the amount of … to obtain data on ... to test the validity of ...
    to confirm the idea the theory the hypothesis   that …
to provide evidence for ... to reveal the causes of ... to find out whether ...



  I’ve managed   to give to present to provide to obtain good strong sufficient convincing interesting important promising reliable   evidence data showing suggesting indicating which show(s) suggest (s) indicate (s)     that …  


This evidence These data is   are   of certain some great theoretical /fundamental impor­tance. practical interest. experimental value


9) The techniques I use/apply /employ are as follows: ...

10) The procedure I follow in my experiments is like this:

11) The facilities I need for my work include: ...


3.4. (B) Restate the following questions:

PATTERN: What education did you get? -

Would /Could you tell me I'd like to know I wonder what education you got?; why you’ve chosen this topic?; if (whether) you had some experience in dealing with such problems before?


1) What is your branch of science? Is it a promising area?

2) What is your specific interest in this field? Do you expect to make a significant breakthrough in the area with your investigation?

3) What are your scientific interests outside your problem? Has general knowledge of the developments in world science a stimulating effect on you?

4) What activities does your program of study and research include? Is it hard to fulfill?

5) What are the basic requirements your supervisor puts forward? Can you meet them?

6) Do you like the way you cooperate with your supervisor? How does he assist you?

7) What techniques do you use in carrying out your experiments? Should you develop new techniques or the old methods work well?

8) How is your thesis developing? Do you encounter difficulties on the way?

9) Do you believe the results of your research will find practical application anytime soon?

10) Do you need special equipment for your investigation?


3.4. (C) Answer the restated questions using 'for example' and 'namely' to give details.

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