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Friday, October 24th. Algebra class

IAM BETTER! My temperature is normal now, so I went to school. Lars drove me in the limousine and we picked up Lilly outside her apartment. Michael was with her. When we

got to school, Michael walked with me to my class. I felt very happy.

Lilly's boyfriend, Boris Pelkowski, meets her outside school every morning and walks with herto class.


My list of things to do

1. Stop thinking so much about Jo-C-rox.

2. Stop thinking so much about Michael Moscovitz.

3. Stop thinking about my mom and her pregnancy.

4. Stop thinking about my TV interview tomorrow.

5. Stop thinking about Grandmere.

6. Stop biting my fingernails.

7. Work harder in my Algebra class.


Homework: English project. I have to write in my school diary. I have to write 200 words, with the title: Describe a special experience that changed your life. What can I write about? A month ago, my father told me who I was. I'm a princess. I'm heir to the throne of Genovia. My life changed then. Maybe I'll write about that.

Kenny Showalter, my partner in Biology class, had a very special experience last year. Last summer, Kenny visited India with his family. While he was there, he got very sick. He nearly died.

"That experience changed me," said Kenny. "Now, I want to help people who are sick and dying."

I've never had any experiences like that. My experiences aren't special at all.

Me and My Big Mouth

Saturday, October 25th. Grandmere's suite, the Plaza Hotel

As I waited to start my interview with Beverly Bellerieve, I ''! felt weak and ill. My throat hurt and my body was hot.

Maybe I didn't feel well because I was nervous. Twenty-four/Seven is a VERY popular TV show. My interview is going to be shown on Monday night. People in about twenty-two million homes all over America will watch it.

When I got to the Plaza Hotel, my dad was in my grandmother's suite. He started talking about Mr Gianini.

"Mia, is your Algebra teacher living in your apartment?" he asked.

I didn't know what to say. Mr Gianini isn't living in our apartment. Not really. But he will be living there soon.

"Er.. .no," I said.

Dad looked happy when he heard that. But will he be happy when he finds out about Mom's marriage to Mr Gianini? Will he be happy about Mom's baby?

The interviewer, Beverly Bellerieve, arrived at the suite. She's very smart and very beautiful. My dad likes her very much. He smiled a lot when he talked to her. She smiled too. Lots of women like my dad. He's rich and he looks like Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the TV show, StarTrek:The Next Generation.

7:00 p.m. In the limousine

I'm feeling much worse. The interview was awful. I made a REALLY BAD mistake!

My dad and Grandmere watched while Beverly Bellerieve interviewed me. At first, everything went really well. But

then I said a stupid thing. And because of this, my dad knows about Mom and Mr Gianini. I didn't want this to happen. I was just so nervous. Beverly was nice to me. But I couldn't think clearly and my answers were too long.

We talked for about an hour. Then Beverly said, "Mia, didn't you have some exciting news recently?"

I was very surprised. "She's asking me about the baby and the wedding," I thought.

"Oh, yes," I said quickly. "I'm very excited. I've always wanted to be a big sister. But my mom and her boyfriend don't want a big wedding. They just want a small quiet wedding."

Me and my big mouth. The words just came out! I spoke before I thought about the question.

My dad was drinking a glass of water. He dropped the glass. Grandmere started making strange noises.

Suddenly I realized what I'd said. "Oh no!" I thought. "I've said the wrong thing."

Beverly wasn't talking about my mom. She didn't know about my mom's marriage to Mr Gianini. And she didn't know about the baby. Beverly was talking about my work at school. I'd gotten a very good grade in my last Algebra test.

My dad put his hands on his head. His face was pale. He looked shocked.

What will my mom say when she finds out?

"Don't worry, Mia," said my dad. "I'll explain to your mother what happened. It wasn't your fault."

I don't know what I said in the rest of the interview. I don't remember what other questions Beverly Bellerieve asked me.

"I'm not jealous of Mr Gianini," my dad said to me later. "I'm pleased for your mother. She and Mr Gianini will be very happy." He said that, but I don't believe him.

I'm going straight from the hotel to Lilly's place. She's asked all her friends to go to her apartment. We're helping her to make a film tonight. It's about teenagers behaving badly. Maybe I can stay at Lilly's place tonight. I don't want to go home and see my mom yet. I'll wait until Dad talks to her.

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