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Understanding main issues and details

1. Analyze main issues:

a. Find correct answers to the questions:

1. What principles are all the cadastres of Western Europe based on?

2. What main parts does a basic principle consist of?

3. What was the main purpose of cadastre?

4. What is the connection between the cadastre and the land register?

5. What does anyone have to do if he wants to register his land?

6. What kind of cadastral system has Denmark?

7. How has cadastre developed in Sweden and Finland?

8. What agency collects and transforms cadastral and land register information for automatic data processing?

9. What offices are responsible for data collection?

10. What is GAB?

b. Say whether the sentences given below are:



Not given:

1. Denmark has the system different from the Western European ones.

2. Cadastral surveys for subdivisions, etc. are made by state authorities.

3. The records are kept, and the cadastral maps are maintained by a private surveyors.

4. In Sweden the urban cadastres were linked with large-scale maps at an early date.

5. In Sweden the urban and rural systems have rather loose links.

6. CFD is responsible for issuing all certificates as well as for all communications with other authorities using real-estate data.

7. Spain and Italy were also influenced by the Napoleonic cadastre, and adopted basically different systems.

8. The link between cadastre and land registration in the Spanish system is weak.

9. The fiscal nature of the cadastres is more predominant in Western than in Southern Europe.

10. As buildings are important objects for taxation, Greece has established a modern building register as part of the cadastre.

11. Italy does not have a comprehensive, homogeneous, national cadastre.

12. In some parts of Eastern Europe, especially Czechoslovakia and Poland, conventional, pre-war cadastres still exist.

2. Analyze the details:

a. Complete the following sentences:

1. Land related property is called ... .

2. A map showing all land that has been registered within a given area is an ... .

3. In legal terms its an ... in land. The term which is also used to refer to the physical land and property to which that interest relates is known as ... .

4. ... is a process of dividing land parcel into smaller parts.

5. The process of recording the rights in land either in form of registration of deeds or else is known as ... .

6. A public register used to record the existence of deeds or title documents is called ... .

7. ... is a set of entities describing a physical object

c. Find in the Texts and read information about:

Basic principle of French cadastre

The procedure of land registration

A common trait in Western Europe

Role of cadastre

Cadastral system in Denmark

Cadastral system in Sweden

Cadastral system in Finland

Cadastral system in Norway


d. Summarize the information about cadastre in Western Europe

e. Summarize the information about cadastre in Northern and Southern Europe

f. Summarize the information about cadastre in Eastern Europe




Text for individual work: read, translate and be ready to do the

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