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Decide whether the following statements are true or false.

1. The drive-shaft carries the load from the transmission to the axle.

2. The shaft should be equipped with several universal joints.

3. A flexible drive-shaft with a maximum number of joints has been used on some cars.

4. Vibration and whip of the shaft as it turns are limited.

5. An aluminium-type coating prevents corrosion.

6. The differential constantly applies power to the wheels.

7. The differential works like planetary gears.

8. The differential applies power to the wheels while they turn at different speed.

9. The under portion of automobile is called the chassis.

10. The chassis includes four parts: frame, spring, shock absorbers, and wheels.


Answer the following questions.

1. What does the drive-shaft carry?

2. Is the shaft equipped with anything?

3. What kind of joints is used on drive shafts?

4. What is achieved with the help of a joint?

5. What is small-diameter shaft made of?

6. How are the vibration and whip of the shaft as it turns limited?

7. Does a plastic-type or aluminium-type coating prevent corrosion of the shaft?

8. Where is the differential located?

9. What is the aim of the differential?

10. How must the rear-wheels be attached?

11. What does the work of a differential remind of?

12. What can you say about chassis?

Complete the grid. Look at these four clues and fill in the answers in the spaces provided below. You will find that you make a term-word in the vertical box. (You may hope for the key.)

1. Possibility of holding, containing (8)

2. Of the sun (5)

3. Material for producing heat or energy, e.g. oil (4)

4. Machine that converts energy into power or motion (6)


Match the verbs with the synonyms.

1) equip 5) mount a) allow e) avert
2) permit 6) prevent b) replace f) apply
3) use 7) locate c) fit out g) fasten
4) change 8) attach d) set up h) place


Match the verbs with the antonyms.

1) work 5) stand a) prevent e) walk
2) remain 6) call b) lie f) leave
3) eliminate 7) develop c) idle g) receive
4) transmit 8) drive d) attract h) name


Fill in the correct prepositions.

1. The shaft must be equipped ___ several universal joints.

2. A sliding, or telescoping, joint also is used ___ drive shafts.

3. Vibrationand whip___ the shaft ___ it turns are limited ___ two centre bearings

4. The rear end ___ the drive shaft leads ___ a bulge ___ the rear-axle housing

5. The differential applies power ___ the wheels while they turn ___ curves.

6. The under portion ___ an automobile is called the chassis.

7. The chassis consists ___ the frame, springs, shock absorbers,axles, brakes, wheels, tires, and steeringmechanism.

Additional Activities

17. Read the text My Favourite Car. Copy out adjectives from the text. Use the adjectives to describe the favourite car of your own.

My Favourite Car

The Citroën is my favourite car for many reasons. First of all, this caris the most beautiful car of all because it is shinier and more colourful than the others.

It looks better than other cars because it has sleek lines. Not only that, the Citroën is faster than most other cars. It is also the best car for winning a race. In addition, it is one of the strongest French cars. It is less dangerous than other cars because it has harder metal on the outside and its engine is the most powerful of all.

To conclude, there are many cars on the road, but the best one of all is the Citroën.

18. Grammar Revision. There + be. Translate the sentences.

1. There are two types of engine.

2. There are petrol engines as well as diesel engines.

3. There are spark plugs in all petrol engines. Diesel engines do not have spark plugs. They have fuel injectors.

4. There are always valves in 4-stroke diesel engines.

5. There are no valves in 2-stroke petrol engines.

6. There is no oil sump in 2-stroke engines. There is oil in the fuel.

7. The 4-sroke engines have an oil sump. There is no oil in the fuel.

8. There are different metals in cars and machines.

9. There are about eighty metals most of which occur as compounds in ores.

10. There are many cars in Minsk streets.

Motor Fun.

A. Dont Press the Accelerator

A boy listens to his sister playing the piano.

How do you like my playing? asks his sister.

Not bad, answers the boy, but you press the accelerator too often, and he points at the pedal of the piano.

Choose the best translation for the word accelerator:

a) ,

b) ,


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