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Listening Comprehension Test for 8th Form Students Assignments

Listening Comprehension Test for 8th Form Students Text


From “The Colony” by QL Pierce


Andrea’s mother opened the curtains. “Time to get up, sleepyhead!” she announced cheerfully. Blinking her eyes, Andrea flung her hands over her head and happily stretched her long, lean body. The sunlight streaming through the now open sliding glass doors of the motel balcony had the opposite effect on her older sister, Claire. Claire pulled her covers over her head.

“Morning, Mom,” Andrea said, sliding out of bed and stepping out on the balcony. “Morning, grouch,” she called to her sister, still hiding from the day.

The family had been vacationing in the Florida Keys for three days, and Andrea was still awed by the spectacular view. The motel was nestled at the inner edge of a beautiful white sand beach. Beyond were the placid, azure waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

“Your dad and I have already had breakfast and your brother is already down at the beach,” her mom told her. Andrea dropped her gaze and immediately spotted Brandon wading along the shore, snorkeling gear in hand.

“He is not going in the water without me!” Andrea squealed, racing to get ready. “Come on, Claire,” she urged, pulling on her still damp swimsuit. “Are you going to sleep all day? Brandon’s outside already having fun. Let’s go!”

“I’ll be down in few minutes,” Claire mumbled. Moments later, Andrea sprinted across the warm sand and charged into the water up to her knees. Seeing her brother father out with his mask and snorkel on, floating face down to the surface, Andrea watched as he curled down in a shallow dive. Seconds later he popped up just a few feet away, blowing a stream of water from his snorkel. Then tugging off his mask, he began sloshing towards her.

“Look at this!” Brandon said proudly when he reached her. He held up a cone- shaped, brown- and – white shell that was as large as his hand. “Wow, it’s beautiful,” Andrea declared.

“Hey you guys! What have you got?” Claire asked, joining them in the water. “It’s a cool shell,” Brandon answered. “It’s the only neat one I’ve found so far,” he added.

“You’re just not looking in the right place,” Claire said, matter-of-factly.

“Oh, really?” Brandon shot back. “And since when did you become the expert?”

“Since I talked to that guy up there.” She gestured towards a tall man walking up the beach carrying two large red plastic buckets. “He had lots of really pretty shells. I asked him where they came from and he said he’d collected them along a cove about half a mile from here, closer to the Atlantic side. It’s overgrown and it does not have a nice beach, so people rarely go there.”

“That won’t bother me,” Andrea responded with a big smile.

“Let’s check it out”.


Listening Comprehension Test for 8th Form Students Assignments

Task 1. Put “+” if the statement is true, put “–“ if it is false.

1. Claire likes the morning more than Andrea.

2. The family hotel is on a beach on the Gulf of Mexico.

3. The view from the motel was not very interesting.

4. Mom and Dad are about to eat breakfast when Andrea wakes up.

5. Andrea’s brother Brandon was the first to the beach in the morning.

6. Andrea went snorkeling.

7. Brandon showed Andrea the small shell he found.

8. Clair came to the beach after Andrea and Brandon.

9. Claire knows where to find good shells.

10. The beach where they can find pretty shells is overgrown.


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