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Listening Comprehension Test for 9th Form Students Assignments

Listening Comprehension Test for 9th Form Students

We Have Simple Lives

Most Americans would die without a car (or at least they think they would). The Amish donít have cars, they use horses. They donít have television either. In fact, they donít have electricity. They donít need it because they donít have radios, computers or anything electrical at all. Some people might feel sorry for them or think they are mad but this is the way that the Amish have chosen to live. They think we are the weird ones. Amish people try to be as simple as possible. Modesty, family and community are the most important things to them. They donít want to be a part of the modern world because it is too complicated and corrupt. They live independently in their own community.

They even have their own schools which only have one or two classrooms. They learn reading, writing, math and morals. The big difference from regular American schools is that they learn nothing about the world outside their community and they do not continue their education beyond the eighth grade. The Amish do not think their children need more school education after age of 13 because they will either do farm work, carpentry or help with the family business. In 1972, the US Supreme Court allowed them to stop school at 13.

Amish people are not easy to interview. They are very private people and they donít like people taking their photograph. They say photographs steal their souls and are a sign of vanity.

The biggest Amish community in the USA is in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where there are 18,000 Amish people. In the summer it is visited by millions of people. One Amish teenager said he felt like an animal in a zoo. Some visitors shout things such as ďWhy are you so backward?Ē, laugh at their clothes or knock their hats off as a joke. They must feel angry when they are teased but demonstrating anger and violence are against Amish beliefs.

The Amish are a religious group that was started in the 1720s. They are united by their beliefs. Many people can respect that but canít understand how the Amish can live the way that they do. They are frequently asked why they make life harder for themselves and when they will modernize themselves. In truth, most Amish communities do now have one telephone box for emergencies and perhaps one tractor for very heavy work. Communities often have meetings to discuss whether to accept a particular aspect of the modern world and what effect it will have on them. The young Amish are inevitably curious about things outside the community. Some occasionally listen to the music or even try in-skating (using a bicycle is forbidden because they travel too fast), but when they confirm their beliefs at age 13, they promise to accept Amish rules and reject such things. Only one in five people leaves the Amish community. The Amish say this shows that people enjoy living the way that they do.



Listening Comprehension Test for 9th Form Students Assignments

Task 1. Put ď+Ē if the statement is true, put ďĖď if it is false.

1. The Amish cannot live without electricity.

2. The Amish chose the way they lived because they were mad.

3. The motto of Amish people is simplicity in everything.

4. It is only the family that is important for them.

5. The Amish schools have many classrooms.

6. The Amish children do not need higher education to do farm work.

7. They to be photographed because they are ambitious.

8. Even children understand that the Amish are of particular interest to tourists.

9. The Amish religious group was started in the 18th century.

10. They quite consciously reject the good things of life.

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