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Before you listen do the vocabulary activity below. Match the words and phrases to the definitions.

a university degree difficult but rewarding
tuition fees money used for living
to take out a student loan to obtain a degree at a university
living expenses a regular monthly or annual pay packet
interest   a title given by a university to a student who has completed a course of study
to graduate from university extra money paid for a loan or bank savings
repayment overseas students
competition   to borrow money from a bank or finance company to pay for a university course
to value work experience money you pay for a university course
challenging to consider work experience to be of great worth
international students struggle between people to gain an advantage

Listen and decide whether the statements are TRUE or FALSE.

1. More than three quarters of all university students in England and Wales borrow money to study.

2. Students tend to buy a house soon after graduating.

3. Paying back a student loan is always voluntary.

4. A degree gives people an advantage when applying for white collar jobs.

5. Graduates often feel their first job doesn’t live up to their expectations.

6. Numbers of British university students began to decline after the credit crunch.

7. Students sometimes break the law to finance their studies.

8. More international students are coming to Britain because the UK currency is weaker.


Listen again and complete the sentences.

1. In 2006, the UK government started to allow universities in England and Wales to charge British students __________.

2. More than 80% of students in England and Wales now __________ in order to go to university.

3. Students use the loan to pay for _________, __________ and __________.

4. __________ on student loans is quite low.

5. The average student now graduates from university with debts of _______.

6. Students have to start paying back the student loan __________.

7. Most people in “white-collar jobs” seem to have a degree these days, so there is __________.

8. British companies tend to __________.

9. Graduates usually have to start at the bottom and __________.

10. While at university, they had dreams of getting __________.

11. Life after university ends up being quite __________.

12. Between 2009-19 there will be a fall of __________in the number of 18-25 year-old university applicants across the UK.

13. __________ is now considered a real problem in the UK.

14. Most British students expect to get a loan, __________ or __________.

15. More __________ come to Britain each year.



Is the situation with regard to university education the same in your country as it is in the UK? Do universities in Russia charge Russian students tuition fees? Do you think it’s easy for a Russian person with a degree to get a well-paid job? What do Russian students do to support themselves financially?





(video 12:36)

Watch the video and answer the following questions.

1. How many cathedrals have been on the site?

2. In what style was the Cathedral built by Ch. Wren?

3. What was Wren’s specialization?

4. Why was some of the design changed in 1880-1905?

5. What technique was used to create the pictures of Christ and the Cathedral?

6. What is the Book of Remembrance?

7. Whose tombs are there in the crypt?




(video 01:56)


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