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You are going to listen to the article written by Richard Sidaway. Match the words and phrases to the definitions.


entry test areas of knowledge you study at school
subjects a number or letter to symbolize how well you have done in an exam
grades an examination to see if you are good enough to go to university



Which one to go to
intellectual elite   learning institutions built later than Oxford or Cambridge
pecking order the best minds in the country
redbrick universities hierarchy
grant paying for your education by being employed while you are studying
tuition fees money given by the state to help for e.g. education
working your way through college money you pay for a university course
Where to live
halls of residence houses bought by the university and rented to their students
private rented accommodation communal accommodation built by university
student houses houses rented to anyone
Year out
gap year money from a private organisation to help with the cost of study
work placement a year between school and university when you don’t study
scholarship programme a temporary position with a company to gain employment experience
Teaching & learning
lecture study away from the classroom often to collect data or samples
tutorial lesson in the form of a formal speech using notes and visual aids
field trips small group lesson based on discussing an area or problem
How you are doing
finals a long, structured piece of writing exploring a subject in detail
continuous assessment examinations at the end of a course
dissertation evaluating pieces of work during the course
Social life
fraternities and sororities organisations run by and for students to develop different interests
clubs and societies a place for students to have a drink
student union bar student membership organisations in the USA
Life after university
degree exam to see what kind of jobs would suit you
aptitude test large ‘market place’ where employers try to interest students in working for them
Masters the first university qualification you receive after 3 or more years of study
recruitment fairs highest university qualification after a Masters taking four or more years of research
Doctorate university qualification gained after a degree taking one or two years

Listen to the article and complete the information according to the listening.


1. To be admitted to a university __________ and __________.

2. Most participants in higher education are __________.

3. Mature students __________.

Which one to go to

4. A few high status institutions at the top are __________, __________, __________, __________, __________.

5. The training grounds for medicine, law or engineering in Britain are __________.


6. When entrance was restricted to a lucky few in Britain, the state actually paid the sons and daughters of the middle classes __________ and __________.

7. These days most European and North American students are given __________.

8. Most European and North American students have to pay the money back to the government once ___________.

Where to live

9. In Britain for many years going to university meant __________.

10. Universities traditionally offer cheap and clean accommodation __________.

11. After a year or so, many students opt __________.

Year out

12. You haven’t really lived, if __________.

13. The gap year can be devoted to __________.

14. The gap year is important because __________.

15. If you want to study abroad, __________ or __________.

16. Business or management students often devote time away from university __________.

Teaching & learning

17. A common feature of any university is ___________.

18. In Britain, you are also expected __________.

19. Small group discussions led by a lecturer at which closer analysis of a particular area is undertaken are called __________.

20. Science-oriented courses also involve __________ and __________.

How you are doing

21. As at school, progress is measured by __________.

22. Examinations are either divided into Parts I & II or __________.

23. Progress can be based on __________ and __________.

24. An important component of most systems is __________.

25. This must be based on __________.

Social life

26. __________ expect a rich and varied social life.

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