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Chapter 1 Serpent's Teeth



Hercules! Half man, half god! Stronger than any man in the world! He fights for the weak and is always ready to help others when they are in danger.

It is festival time in the city of Themon, and Hercules and his friend Iolaus must choose a beautiful girl to be the festival queen. But there were other beautiful young women before, and they all died after becoming the festival queen. Why did they die? And is Hera the lover of Zeus, Hercules' father behind it all? Why does Hera want to killHercules? Before all these and other questions can be answered, Hercules must fight the terrible Sea Serpent of Themon.

Hercules:Tlie Legendary Journeys is a Studios USA television series, starring Kevin Sorbo as the famous half man, half god, Hercules. People watch each one-hour show in countries all over the world - Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Ukraine,Venezuela, and many, many more.



Chapter 1 Serpent's Teeth

Holix sat on a rock above the beach and watched the white sea birds. He always came here when he could get away from his work with the horses. He looked at the rocks on the beach, near the water. Dangerous rocks.

'A serpent's teeth,' he thought.

It was not a nice thought, but Holix knew there was something out there. Everybody knew it, but nobody talked about it. Holix turned round and looked at Jax, and at the red-haired sisters, Cire and Sana.

'Be happy, Holix,' said Cire.

'Yes, don't sit there and be sad,' said Sana.

Jax was tall with black hair. 'Holix isn't sad,' he said. 'He's thinking important thoughts.'

Cire looked out at the sea. 'There's nothing out there, Holix,' she said.'Only water.'

Holix looked at Jax, and Jax smiled.

'He's thinking about the festival,' said Cire.

'Must we talk about that?' said Jax.'After tonight, we'll not get time to think about anything but the festival.'

'He's right,' thought Holix. 'For the next week I must work hard with the horses. They must be good to look at, and work well.'

He saw a small fishing boat, far away across the water. 'Is it exciting out there?' he said.

Jax laughed.'More questions!'

'I like to know things,' said Holix. 'Tell me, what happens to the queen of the festival after everything finishes?'

Nobody answered him.

'She she goes away,' Jax said, after a minute. 'She usually doesn't want to stay here after something as important as that.

She usually goes off to see the world.'

'Why?' said Holix. 'It's beautiful here.'

'That's a country boy speaking,' said Sana.

Holix said nothing. He was a country boy, but he was good with horses. His boss knew that.

And suddenly he knew something. 'The people Cire and Sana work for talk to the men on the council,' he thought. 'They want one of the two girls to be Summer Queen!'

He looked across the sea again. 'Something moved out there!' he said suddenly. 'Not the boat, but

Cire looked out across the sea.'I don't see anything.'

Holix looked again and the boat was not there now.

Hercules worked in his mother's garden. Alcmena watched him. 'Is anything wrong, Hercules?' she said.

'Why do you ask?' he said.

'Because you're my son, and I know you,' she said. 'You're ready to move on.'

He smiled at her.'You're right, but ...' He stopped.

'You're thinking about Hera,' she said.

'I'm waiting for Hera to try and kill me again,' he thought. 'She tried a long time ago and '

'Forget Hera,' said his mother. But she thought, 'Hera killed his wife and children. He can never forget that. And now he doesn't speak to his father because Zeus was with a woman at the time, and did nothing to stop Hera.'

Hercules looked up and saw Iolaus come into the garden.

Iolaus said hello to Alcmena and smiled at Hercules. 'I'm going to make you a happy man, Hercules,' he said.

'Are you? How?' asked Hercules.

'Women,' said Iolaus. 'Beautiful women! We're going to be judges and choose a queen at a festival!'


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