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Проблеми молоді за визначенням державних установ України

State youth policy - a systematic state activity in relation to personality, youth, youth movement, carried out in the legislative, executive and judicial spheres and aims to create socio-economic, political, organizational, legal conditions and guarantees for the life of self-intellectual, moral and physical development of young people, realizing its potential as creative in their own interest and in the interests of Ukraine.

The major state body taking measures and keeping control on this issue is The Ministry of Youth and Sports. This body prepares reports concerning the situation with youth development, problems of youth, the state of realizing stateprograms. Additional bodies, which also concern this issue are: The Ministry of Social Policy, The Ministry of education and science, The Parliament, The Cabinet of ministers, The Department of justice and so on.

In January 2009 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the National Programme "Youth of Ukraine" for 2009-2015. But the program from the state budget was allocated meager funds. We have a lot of laws and declarations presented by our state bodies, every of them is devoted to some problem or specific issue. Mainly this laws declare some problems and the ways to solve them. To sum up different reports of the state bodies, we can enumerate such major problems of youth in Ukraine:

Among the social problems of the Ukrainian society which according to Ukrainian youth is important: unemployment, rising prices, low wages, the overall decline in living standards, increased crime, poverty, drug addiction and AIDS. Among the problems related to ensuring a healthy lifestyle, environment, ecology, poor health care, abuse by smoking, lack of opportunities for physical education and sports, alcoholism, low level of awareness about healthy lifestyle.

Among the disturbing trends of personally related decline in the prestige of general and vocational education; increasing the number of young people who began his career with a low level of education and having no desire to continue learning; orientation for many parts of education "streaming" play workers, employees and experts without regard to the requirements of customers.

The educational potential of youth is not adequately implemented due to a mismatch between the education system and labor market needs. There is a downward trend in the quality of education because of low social prestige of the teaching profession, critical outdated material and technical base of educational institutions at all levels and the slow pace of modernization.

Health of young people. Is the current unsatisfactory state of health of the Ukrainian youth. Over the past ten years among young people was increased incidence and prevalence of diseases in all their classes. Significant caused widespread social disease. Deteriorating epidemic situation of HIV / AIDS, which affects primarily younger generation.

Among drug users registered youth under 28 is 80%. Over the years, the number of consumers of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances increasing age addicted youth has a tendency to rejuvenation. The mortality rate among this group increased by 40 times. Ill drug addicts mostly young people who are not working. Deepening these phenomena is the demographic threat to security, because the average age of infected drug addicts is 26 years, that is the most active reproductive age.

A trend to worsening mental and spiritual health of young people. Every third child is born with developmental disabilities nervous system. Many students feel lonely, in a state of mental stress due to conflicts with peers, teachers and parents.

The economic difficulties of the transition period negatively affected the social health of youth. For much of the young people have become acute problems of poverty, homelessness, unemployment and violence. According to the survey "Youth in Ukraine" indicated low accessibility of health services (65%).

The main factor that most determines health is a lifestyle that lead children and young people. Healthy lifestyle hold little boys and girls (69%). It is proved that a healthy lifestyle is far more effective and economically expedient strategy than the constant increase in medical costs consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Participation in public life and self-realization of young people. The vast majority of youth problems - a common component needs of Ukrainian society. A significant proportion of young people not interested in politics and considers unimportant part in elections, does not feel masters of their state and not see social prospects in Ukraine. There is no self-interest in youth and youth movement, through which they are able to detect its position. Low is the level of legal culture.

Housing policy:

- Providing young families with a low level of material well-being temporary social housing;

- Development of effective mechanism for co-funding and preferential loans for housing construction to meet the needs of families who are in active reproductive phase;

- Improve the provision of long-term soft loans for housing;

- Providing partial compensation percent of commercial bank loans for the construction or reconstruction and purchase of housing for young families and single young citizens;

- Development of the system of youth housing complexes and youth housing co-operatives;

- Providing long-term soft loans for housing on the secondary market;

- The allocation of land to build housing for young people.



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