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What part of Great Britain would you like to visit? Why? / What sights in England would you advise me to visit?

Great Britain

Lets talk about Britain. What do you know about this country?The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is situated on the British Isles. It consists of four parts: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Great Britain lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. It is separated from France by the English Chanel. The UK is a kingdom. Queen Elizabeth II has been the head of the country since 1952. The capital of the country is London. Great Britain is a highly developed industrial country. It is also a country with old customs and traditions.

What would you ask a British teenager about national holidays in Britain?What are the most popular holidays in Britain? What is your favourite holiday? What is a bank holiday? How do people usually celebrate Bonfire Night? Which holiday is more important for the British: Christmas or New Year? What is the traditional food on these days? How do the British prepare for national holidays? Queen Elizabeth has 2 birthdays, doesnt she?

Would you like to visit Britain? Why?Yes, of course, Id like to visit Great Britain one day to see all its sightseeing I have read about, to look at Buckingham Palace, at Big Ben, to stay at Nelsons monument on Trafalgar Square and to have a ride on a double-decker.

Give me a piece of advice on what sights to see in London.London is divided into 4 parts: the City (the centre of business where offices of the main world companies are situated), the Westminster (Londons political part), the west end with its luxurious shops and the East End which used to be industrial part but now is considered to be a prestigious place to live. If you are in London, I can advise you to visit Westminster Palace, where the king lived and the Parliament met (by the way, famous Big Ben is one of the towers in the Houses of Parliament), and there is also Westminster Abbey, the coronation church. The British Museum is the largest and richest museum in the world. It is contains one of the worlds richest collections of antiquities. Madam Tussauds Museum is an exhibition of hundreds of life-size wax models of famous people of yesterday and today. Here you can meet Marilyn Monroe, Elton John, Picasso, the Royal Family, the Beatles and many others: writers, movie stars, singers, politicians, sportsmen. The only Belarusian presented in museum is Olga Korbut, famous Belarusian athlete and gymnast. / If I were you I would visit London.

What part of Great Britain would you like to visit? Why? / What sights in England would you advise me to visit?

Do the British differ greatly from Belarusian people in character? Why? Belarusian and British have some common traits. For example, many Belarusian people as well as many British people are proud of their motherland and try to keep its customs and traditions. But the British can be particularly and stubbornly () conservative about anything British. They are rather of being different. It is, for example, difficult to imagine that they will ever agree to change from driving on the left-hand side of the road to driving on the right. British people are obliged by society stereotyping to be polite. British do not as a rule express their real feeling. And Belarusian people are free to express their attitude, they are more sincere. But there are plenty of things that I like about British: their humour, the British breakfast, English tea and the English language.

Lets talk about Great Britain. What do you know about the history of this country?There were many outstanding events in the history of Great Britain. Many different tribes tried to control the territory of Britain. England was added to the Roman Empire in 43 A.D. Roman invasion played a very important role in the history of the country. The Roman built London (Londinium), some other towns and the first roads in the country. But the Normans influenced the British civilization most of all. They came in 1066 under the leadership of William the Conqueror. He became the first King of Britain and built the Tower to live in. There were many wars in the history ob Great Britain. Once the British had to face the French in 1805 at the battle of Trafalgar. Then Admiral Nelson won a great victory over the French fleet. In order to commemorate this event the monument to Admiral Nelson was built on this square. In 1953, Queen Elizabeth II inherited () the throne, she has been the monarch since then.

What are the state symbols of Great Britain? The UK has its national anthem () God save the Queen \ King.. The national flag called the Union Jack is the symbol of the whole of the UK. The four parts of the UK have their own national symbols. The rose is the national flower of England. The thistle () is Scotlands national emblem. The leek and the daffodil are both emblems of Wales. The national flower of Northern Ireland is the shamrock ().

What would you like to ask a British teenager about Britain?What is the official name of the country? Where is the UK situated? Is it true that the weather is very changeable in Britain? Is it a large country? Who rules the country? Do you think Britain is worth visiting? What would you recommend me to see? Do you think Britain is a nice place to live?

They say its important for a person to speak English nowadays because it is popular all over the world. What is your opinion?English has become a global language. According to a number of speakers it takes th second place after the Chinese language. It is the official language of many countries. It is important to speak English because it is used for communication across frontiers, listening to broadcasts, reading books, in commerce and travel. English is associated with technological and economic development. It is the major language of diplomacy and is the most frequently used language. Over 80 per cent of information in the Internet is in English. English is also the official language of the Olympics.

Lets talk about Britain. What can the British be proud of?The British can be proud of their national customs and traditions, monuments and museums, cathedrals and churches, educations. The most famous educational centers are Oxford and Cambridge universities, they are situated close to each other and sometimes called Oxbridge. Well-known St. Pauls Cathedral, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Nelsons monument in Trafalgar Square and the Houses of Parliament are also a part of British heritage ().

What would you ask a person who works at Buckingham Palace about the Royal family?Who lives in Buckingham Palace today? Why is this Palace called Buckingham? Does The Queen own Buckingham Palace? How many rooms are there in Buckingham Palace? Is it true that some rooms are open to public? Can visitors see the Queen? Does Queen Elizabeth do any housework? What clothes does she wear in her everyday life? Does she wear her crown?

What British festivals would you advise your friends to visit?Id advise him to see such a good tradition as Pancake Day. It is held in May. The rules of pancake races are: each participant, traditionally a woman, runs with a pancake in a frying pan and throws the pancake in the air. They have to catch it again in the pan and repeat this trick pre-arranged amount of times. They have to run a circle around the church. The winner who gets to the finishing line first gets a prize, usually the Bible.

Do British traditions and customs differ from Belarusian ones?Of course, some traditions are the same, but there are a lot which differ from Belarusian ones. British people think that the Grand National Horse Race is the most exciting horse race in the world. It takes place near Liverpool every year. Sometimes it happens the same day as the Boat Race takes place. But as for Christmas or New Year, we also see in these holidays with friends and family, decorate trees and houses and traditionally watch the message of the head of the government, which is usually shown on TV.

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