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Fishes are best pets if you like silence

Best pets for your family

Which pets are the best pets for families? You might be having trouble choosing what pet to get for your family. This is a very complex decision which can impact your entire family.

Pets tend to be a big responsibility. They ask for a lot but they give back even more.

Before making any selections think well how much free time you will have, will you be willing to clean after the pet as well as how much money will you be prepared to put aside for the maintenance of your family pet.

Dog as pet

Dogs will be the best pets, as long as you have time for them.

Folks have very strong connection with dogs. As we all know, puppies are actually excellent pets. However let us not overlook that dogs need the most attention. Kids may often promise to clean after it as well as take it for long walks but these promises are rarely kept.



From time to time, "who is going to take a dog for a walk" might develop into a big problem in a family. Our puppy had to go out at 6 AM every morning and believe me, it was terrible for me, a 12 year old back then, to get up that early and go out. He was still being trained so he did not know better.

For those who have young children - it is highly unlikely the kids are going to take the dog out or perhaps clean after it. So, before you get a family pet dog you need to make a deal with all of the family members.

Everyone needs to understand exactly what their part of the job is going to be.

Cat as pet

Cats are best pets for strong personalities.

Everyone knows that cats are rather independent. They are often satisfied when you simply leave them alone. However, when they want to play, you better play with them.

The idea of that warm, furry pile purring in your lap simply makes you happy? Then get a little kitten and I am sure you are going to adore it from the first moment. They truly are adorable.

Make sure, before you get a kitten, that you are not allergic to cats.

Parakeet as pet

They can start screaming early in the morning (like mine does). They will make a mess and the y do not like to be alone.


Different parakeets have diverse personalities so inform yourself before you pick out a new bird. Budgie parakeets are incredibly playful whilst larger ones tend to be serious talkers.

Parakeets live long so you should be prepared to look after your pet for a long time.

Turtle as pet

What I said regarding parakeets and long term devotion to them, applies much more on turtles as pet. They live very long lives so it would be natural to have this kind of family pet for life.


Turtle does not demand you to spend time with it however it does need a lot of care.

Fishes are best pets if you like silence

Everyone claims fishes are best pets for newbies but we should not overlook the fact that this pet also needs care. Unless you want to flush it down the drain, you have to be careful how much you feed it.

So, if there are young children around, fish food should definitely be out of their reach. It is not rare for a child to drop the entire box of fish food into the fish tank.


Fishes are very quiet pets, but the tank filter is not that quiet. Not all species of fishes can live in the same tank. Do not put turtles and fishes in the same tank, turtles will eat them.

What also happens is that a child does not realize that a fish is just not the type of pet you are able to play with. We had to pull our baby sister out of the fish tank several times when she was little.

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