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If V0 is close to zero value - it means that unbalance is close to zero too.

In the right chart we can see diagrams of the vibration timing function and spectrum of vibration function.



There are 2 harmonic peak - about 5 mm\s on the 50 Hz and about 2 mm\sec on the 100 Hz.
Peak on the 50 Hz characterize unbalance, but peak on the 100 Hz caused by the other reasons.

As we see V0 is close to Vs, so we can conclude that main reason of the vibration is unbalance.


Now lets try to balance our rotor.
Click F7 - Balancing in the main window.
In the appeared window we need to input required data.


1. Set New rotorif you balance rotor first time or Select rotor if you balance already known rotor

2. Weight trial mass. We use a digital scales to weighing mass.

3. If you need to split weight select Blades, else select Polar

4. Set radius of trial mass mounting place.

Now we can begin to balance.
Run#0 measure initial vibration

Start electromotor. Wait for stability of the rotation speed value.

Then press (or click) button F9 Run
Vo1 and Vo2 vibration value on 1x rotation frequency.


Add test weight in on the first plane of correction and repeate vibration measure




Remove test weight from the 1st plane, add it to the 2nd plane and repeate vibration measure



After this software show mass and place of the correcting weights.


Remove test weight from the 2nd plane and add correction mass M1 and M2 on the angles f1 and f2 , as shown on the screenshot.
Be sure that you place masses correctly by the direction of rotation from trial weigt place.



Then we should check result of our balancing.

Run machine again (RunC)

We can see that vibration caused by the unbalance reasons (on 50 Hz frequency) is reduced in more than 10 times
We can make a next trim step and add new correcting weight M1=0.049 g.
M2=0,007 g is too small, so we don't need to add it. (But in the precision balancing causes we can add this small weight)

Then check result again


Vibration in the 1st correction plane is redused more than 200 times and in 2nd plane - more than 40 times.


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