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How are called similes wiyh suspending noyional verbs?





$$$387.The subject of stylistic analysis and description is generally.......?



$ideas of the meaning

$general principles

What are situations we distinguish in context?

$$ vital and textual

$formal and level

$instructive and speech

$taken and noted

What does the vital context include?

$$ direct run

$translation phenomenon

$combination of factors

$special translation theories

What does the textual context include?

$$textual description of life situation and the general theme of the text

$forms and levels of responsibility

$maintenance instructions and after-dinner speeches

$taking the necessary notes

What is Repetition, or reprise?

$$ figure of speech

$translation phenomenon

$combination of actors

$special translation theory

What role do repetitions play in the text ?

$$ emotional and expressive

$ formal and level

$ maintaining and speech

$ taking and noted

$$$393.Repetition, that does not add to the content any logical meaning is known as ...........?

$$ tautology

$ description

$ meaning

$ principle

What does Tautology express?

$$ the voice characterization

$ translation phenomenon

$ maintaining and speech

$ special translation theories

If the repeated unit is at the end of consecutive sentences or phrases, the repetition is called ....?

$$ epiphora

$ translation

$ combination

$ translation

If the repeated word or phrase is at the beginning of consecutive sentences, etc., we have .....?

$$ anaphora

$ forms and levels of responsibility

$ maintenance instructions and after-dinner peaches

$ taking the necessary notes

$$$397.Vowels repetitions are called........?

$$ assonance

$ translation phenomenon

$ combination of actors

$ special translation theory

$$$398.Consonants repetitions are called........?

$$ consonance

$ level

$ maintaining

$ taking and noted

What is Translation?

$$ a process of rendering a text, by means of other language

$ translation phenomenon

$ combination of translation methods

$ special translation theories

What is the translation quality defined by?

$$ its completeness and value.

$ its forms and levels of responsibility

$ its maintenance instructions and after-dinner speeches

$ its taking the necessary notes

What do the completeness and value of translation mean?

$$ definite rendering of the contextual sense of the original

$ describing the predominant features

$) the most general idea of the meaning

$) general philosophical principles

While translating a political character, a great importance is given to translation of ...?

$$ special terms

$ forms and levels

$ maintenance instructions

$ necessary notes

What is Term ?

$$ a word or a combination of words, defining a notion of the given field of science

$ translation phenomenon, defining a notion of the given field of science

$ combination of factors, defining a notion of the given field of science

$ special translation theories, defining a notion of the given field of science

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