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A different stylistic device should be employed in the target language ....?

$$ to achieve a comparable stylistic effect

$ to form and level of responsibility

$ to maintenance instructions and after-dinner speeches

$ to taking the necessary notes

What does the problem of stylistic device centers around?

$$ the relative functional value of identical stylistic resources

$ the translation phenomenon

$ the combination of factors

$ the special translation theories

How does sometimes the stylistic effect of alliteration is reached in poetry?

$$ by rhymes

$ by forms

$ by instructions

$ by necessary notes

What’s “cockney”?

$$ dialect

$ translation

$ combination

$ theory

The dialect of what district of London is “cockney”?

$$ the East End

$ the West End

$ the City

$ the Centre

Cockney speakers belong to ....?

$$ lower and less educated social groups

$ predominant group

$ the most ideal group

$ philosophical group

What are the two major varieties of Standard English?

$$ British and American

$ Irish and British

$ American and Canadian

$ American and Australian

Which of the following words is an American variant of “ a high school teacher”?

$$ instructor

$ teacher

$ tutor

$ lecturer

What’s the American vaiant of “a letter-box”?

$$ a mail-box

$ a pillar-box

$ a message-box

$ a correspondence box

Where does functional styles mainly appear?

$$ in the literary style

$ in translation

$ in combination

$ in special translation

$$$148. What we here call functional styles are also called ...?

$$ registers or discourses

$ forms or levels

$ instructions or speeches

$ the necessary notes

Functional styles are the product of the development of....?

$$ the written variety of language

$ the predominant features

$ the most general idea of the meaning

$ general philosophical principles

How many functional styles do we distinguish?

$$ 5

$ 9

$ 7

$ 4

One page short chance at proving you are a qualified candidate to a company is..?

$$ a resume

$ a translation

$ a combination

$ a theory

$$$152. A resume must present ........of the candidate?

$$ a clear picture

$ a form and level

$ an instruction

$ a note

$$$153. A business letter should be begun with........?

$$ reference to a previous letter

$ describing the predominant features

$ the most general idea of the meaning

$ general philosophical principles

Inquiries (also spelt enquiry) are messages that ask for....?

$$ information

$ forms

$ instructions

$ notes

What is the translating process?

$$ the translator performs the transfer operation from ST to TT

$ understanding the correct equivalent

$ verbalization non-equivalent

$ a word equivalent from ST

What is a model of translation?

$$ a conventional representation of the translating process

$the correct equivalent of the translating process

$ non-equivalent of the translating process

$ a word equivalent of the translating process

What is meant by the "situation"?

$$ the process of the text in one language through the extralinguistic situation in another

$ the correct equivalent in two languages

$ the extralinguistic situation to the text

$ a word equivalent

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