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Discuss the British in their private life, their love of gardens. Leisure and sports in their lives.

Traditionally the British like to live independently in their own houses. No wonder their favourite saying is "My home is my castle".

Basically people live in three types of houses, all depending on your income: in terraced houses, and in detached or semi-detached houses.

The other type of house is the detached house standing on its own land and not attached to another building. Such houses are generally more expensive to buy than semi-detached houses, which are houses attached on one side only to another, usually very similar house.

The local churches too play an important role in organizing the life of rural communities, helping the aged people.

One of the most popular hobbies of the British is gardening, and the people take pride in their gardens. The front gardens may be very small, but the patch of grass is very neatly cut, with flowers and bushes here and there.

A very British reality is the fish and chip shop, also known as the chippy, where it is possible to buy a piece of fried fish and chipped potatoes known in many restaurants as French fries.

English Gardens and Gardeners

Elizabethan gardens were planned almost as carefully as the house itself.

Passion for gardening in Great Britain brought forward many distinguished garden designers. Among them was William Kent, the first of the professional landscape gardeners.

William Kent tried to make the gardens more natural by planting dead tree stumps "to give the greater air of truth to the scene". Formal flower-beds were replaced by a lake, temples, ruins and statues to form what he called "landscape pictures".

Leisure and Sports

The coast is the most popular place where the British spend their annual holiday, and seaside resorts have many hotels. Food in British hotels and restaurants is quite cheap, but rooms are not. Few British people rent houses or flats for their holidays, but one of the traditional ways of spending a summer holiday is in a boarding-house, which may have a card in its window advertising "apartments" or "bed and breakfast".

The British love to take to new places.

The British are great lovers of competitive sports. When they do not play or watch games they like to talk about them, and when they cannot do that they think about them. The game that is especially connected with England is cricket.

Organized amateur cricket is played between club teams mainly on Saturday afternoons. Nearly every village, except in the far north, has its cricket club.

Rugby football (or rugger ) is played with an egg-shaped ball, which may be carried and thrown (but not forward).

Rugby is a game very popular at the schools where they have good playing fields for that. Boys normally play rugger or soccer in winter and cricket in summer. Grass hockey is also widely played at schools by boys and girls. Schoolgirls like to play tennis.

Golf and tennis are played by great numbers of people.

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