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WS14BINN 28/06/14 – 12/07/14 NATURE TRAILS ENVI


In the year 2002 the communities of Binn, Ernen and Grengiols started the project „landscape parc Binntal“. Nine years later in 2011 the nature parc got the label „regional parc of national importance“. The landscape parc Binntal is therefore the first nature parc in the canton of Valais. In the regional nature parcs the protection and the caring of valuable living biotopes and remarkable beautiful landscapes get combined with the economic development. Important duties of these parcs are:

  • Conservation and improvement of the quality of the nature and the landscape
  • Strengthening of sustainable economy
  • Raising awareness and environmental education
  • Management and communication


The main work of the Workcamp is to clean up work on grasslands and alpine pastures and the installation of hiking paths in the country parc Binntal. Before the hiking season will start, the International Volunteers help to clean the hiking paths and to mark them.


The Volunteers will either sleep in a holiday flat or similar or in dormitories in a civil protection shelter in the village of Binn close from the working place. The group will have a budget for the food and will prepare all the meals themselves. The Volunteers will also be responsible that the accommodation is clean and tidy. The accommodation is simple.


The valley of Binn is also called «the valley of the secret treasuries» and is famous for it’s richness of minerals. Also the wildlife is multifaceted. The pretty mountain village Binn lies above 1‘400 meters over the sea. The village has national importance and got awarded with the price of places with imporant cultural heritages in 1992.


Because the Volunteers will work outside all the time, they need to bring warm, robust working clothes (water proofed), trekking shoes (suitable for the mountains) and hand gloves (strong working gloves).



The next airports are Geneva, Basel, Zurich or Milano.



English/ some German


WS14CU01 06/04/14 – 20/04/14 SPRING CAMP EDU/KITCH

WS14CU02 20/04/14 – 03/05/14 SPRING CAMP EDU/KITCH

WS14CU03 29/06/14 – 13/07/14 SUMMER CAMP EDU/KITCH

WS14CU04 13/07/14 – 26/07/14 SUMMER CAMP EDU/KITCH

WS14CU05 28/09/14 – 18/10/14 AUTUMN CAMP EDU/KITCH


The goal of the group “fRilingue” is to offer teenagers (age: 10 -18 years) language camps. The aim of “fRilingue” is the combination of language courses (French and English) in the morning with free time activities such as sport, music, dance, theatre and cinema in the afternoons. The youngsters will learn outside or in tents if the weather is bad.

During the Workcamp you have also the time for a cool bath in the Lake of Neuchatel, for trips or workshops in the afternoon and discovering the region on the weekend.


The main work of the volunteers will be the preparation of the daily meals (breakfasts, lunches, dinners). Together with a cook they organise the menu schedule, do the shopping and wash the dishes afterwards. Volunteers will also do housekeeping and cleaning rooms, showers and toilets. It would be helpful if volunteers know how to prepare a meal for a bigger group.



During the spring and autumn camps Volunteers will sleep in dormitories. In the summer camps they will sleep in tents or in a tipi under the sky. It is very simple, but there is a kitchen, toilets and showers.



The village Cudrefin is a getaway and holiday resort on the boarder of the lake of Neuchâtel.

There is an infrastructure for tourists with holiday houses, camping ground, a swimming beach

and two big sailing harbours.

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