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C. Write five pairs of words to complete these sentences.

1. Father paid by _____ for his new _____ suit.

2. The _____ fell overboard swam to a nearby _____.

3. Talking _____ is not _____ in the reading room of the library

4. Racing was difficult because the grass on the _____ was long and _____.

5. Not far from the sandy _____ grew a clump of _____ trees.


17. Read the questions below and fill in with the correct answer.

Example:Is the top of the mountain a peek or a peak? - The correct is “peak”


1. Does a dog have a tail or a tale? _______

2. Which are surrounded by water, aislesorisles? _______

3. If you were sad, would you shed tears or tiers? _______

4. Would a telephone wring or ring? _______

5. I one or won a CD player in the contest. _______

6. That’s the best movie Cathy had ever scene or seen. _______

7. The meeting was so long, I was board or bored. _______

8. What’s your favourite breakfast serial or cereal? _______

9. The kings’ rain or reign lasted 30 years. _______

10. I couldn’t bear or bare to sit through that play again. _______

11. Despite all of our yelling, he still couldn’t hear or here us. _______

12. The rose or rows is the only flower Paula liked. _______

13. Do windows have pains or panes? _______

14. We missed or mist our train by 30 minutes. _______



Activity 18. Spelling Bee

Fill in the blanks in each sentence with two or three words that have the same sound but different spelling and different meanings. The number of blanks equals the number of letters in the missing word.


  won one see sea heard herd red read four for fore here hear threw through blew blue way weigh rode road not knot sun’s rays sons raise wait weight so sew sow wrote rote tied tide seen scene ate eight  

1. Our team won one game and lost three games.

2. The …. golfers watched … the ball when they

heard someone shout “…. !”

3. Each player ….. the ball ……. the hoop at least once.

4. As we approached the coast we could … the … .

5. Anna had .. many things to … on her new machine

that she had no time to … any seeds in the garden.

6. At the airport the guide said, “Come this … so they can

….. your luggage." 7. We had to …. in line until they determined the ….. of

our bags.

8. We …. the boat to the dock so it wouldn't go out

when the …. came in.

9. Unfortunately, we did … put a very good …. in

the rope, and it came unfastened.

10. The people on the safari ….. that a …. of elephants

was headed their way.

11. If you sit …. very quietly, you can …. the wind

blowing through the trees.

12. The man in the … coat …. the notice to me.

13. We …. on horseback through the tall grass until we

came to the …. that led to the town.

14. Everything looked so familiar; it was as if we had ….

that ….. before.

15. We went to where they were selling boats, and …. …. boats had a sign

on them that said “ … …. .”

16. The students ….. in their notebooks the sentences that they had learned

by …. .

17. The wind …. the rain clouds away, leaving a clear …. sky.

18. The father said, “I will sit in the shade out of the hot …’. …. while

my …. ….. the roof on the house.”



Complete this crossword with phonetic spelling of these verbs.

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