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Student Teacher Relationships

We all remember our 1) of school and we all 2) pleasant memories regarding them. There are some things and moments that we'll never forget, such as a special desk, a book that marked us, a certain story... But the persons we will surely remember are our teachers, the 3) we liked or the ones we used to hate.

But there can be two types of relationships between the students and their teachers, let's 4) positive or constructive and negative or even illegal. The student - teacher relationship should be the one in which the teacher teaches and the student 5) . For a child or especially a teenager, the 6) with the teacher is very important. Usually, students tend to 7) a certain subject with the one that teaches it. You'll often hear people 8) "I didn't like math in school because my math teacher was a mad woman who was always 9) at us". But sometimes you might hear 10) like "I enjoyed English when I was sixteen; my teacher was a great person and I 11) a lot from her. Now I'm an English teacher too". See? The 12) is that a teacher could be a model for a student, in their relationship it should be a lot of comprehension, communication and respect. A teacher can 13) a lot our choices and our lives, especially when we are little and we believe that he knows everything.

A student - teacher relationship can turn into a 14) one if it gets personal. For example, if a student falls in 15) with a teacher. Nothing wrong if it's just about consideration and respect, but teachers and students are not allowed to have a sexual relationship or to be together in 16) . Besides the fact that is illegal, it can affect a lot the student, but the teacher also, who won't be objective anymore. There were a lot of cases 17) students even did desperate things, being in love with their teachers, and in these situations, we don't know who we should 18) .

But a student - teacher relationship can be a cold and negative if the teachers don't know how to teach or how to work with his students. In 19) to catch their attention, he should have certain skills and a certain preparation and what is very important, he should love to work with children and teenagers. There are teachers even nowadays when we think that we have developed communication skills, that don't know how to get 20) with their students. Perhaps it is the age difference, but a good teacher always knows how to 21) to a situation and I once heard that a teacher who really knows how to work with teenagers is always young. He should understand their problems and besides the subject he teaches, he should try to be very 22) to them. Often, teenagers need a 23) of advice and sometimes, a teacher can be the person they need.

The teachers are very important persons for any student who 24) a lot of time at school, but even for those who don't like classes 25) much. We all have beautiful memories from the period when we were students.

Exercise 16: a)Read the text and match the headings to the passages.

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