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Fill in the missing word from the box.

At the Post-office

telegram/ cable / wire, n express / regular / reply ~ letter, n local / out of town / foreign ~ registed / insured / restante ~ official / personal ~ air-letter/aerogram ~ postcard, n plain / illustrated ~ stamp, n stick /paste ~ envelope, n (un) stamped ~ message, n parcel, n package, n insure ~ money order mail, n forward the ~ ~ a package post, v send, v sender, n addressee, n deliver, v by recorded delivery pay telephone rental pay electricity bills cash a money order form, n fill in, v sign, v post-box, n pillar-box, n letter-box, n drop a letter into ~ slot machine receipt, n index number fax, n telex, n

How much is a letter to ... ? What's the weight limit? I'd like to have a return receipt.

Types of mail

first class second class third class book rate certified, a registered, a regular, a valuable, a special delivery air mail E-mail, n snail-mail, n

Postal services

delivery of letters / parcels

selling of postage stamps

payment of weekly pensions / license

wrapping and packing service

public / fax / E-mail / telephone service

Postal windows


Money Orders Poste Restante Stamps, Postcards, Stamped Envelopes Registered Letters Air Mail Book Post Parcel Post  



telephone, n office / public / private ~ mobile / cordless ~ call, n ordinary / urgent / emergency ~ local / trunk / overseas ~ give / make / accept ~ call, v phone, v ring (up), v ring back, v connect, v disconnect, v dial, v leave the message tone, n dialling ~ ringing ~ engaged ~ number unobtainable ~ receiver, n call-box, n phone booth phone number extension, n phone book directory enquiries area code hang on, v hold the line buzzing, n be engaged be on the phone be available telephone directory telephone book answering machine walkie-talkie, n


Subscriber Trunk Dialling (STD), an automatic system which allows you to make trunk (long distance) call easily and cheaply. Cheap time call - you get the largest discount after 11 p.m. at night and on weekends.

Telephone services in Britain: numbers to dial

100 - Operator: she will help you connect the call if you can't do it yourself.

192 - Directory Enquires: if you're looking for a number.

8081 - Speaking Clock: it will tell you the time (this number may be differ­ent in different towns).

999 - Emergencies: if you want to call Fire Brigade, Police or Ambulance.



Fill in the missing word from the box.


1. Another word for the post is the ... envelope
2. Each letter or postcard must have a ... pillar-box
3. The man who delivers letters is the ... letter-box
4. Putting your name at the end of a letter is called ... Post-office box
5. The name you put there is your ... mail
6. Before mailing the letter you must put (enclose) it into an ... stamp
7. Then you put the letter in a ... postman
8. The place where the postman delivers your private mail is the ... signing
9. Big firms often have a P.O.B. That's a ... signature


1. When you make a telephone-call you lift the ... long-distance/ trunk call
2. Then you... direct
3. If you don't know the number you look it up in the … international code-number
4. When you can't find it there you can dial... receiver
5. Making a call to a place far away is called a ... dial the number
6. To most countries in Europe you can phone ... telephone directory
7. The first dial is the... directory inquiries


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