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 Use the proper article.

1) You asked me to___ luncheon.

2) She asked me if I would give her___ little luncheon at


3) If I cut out____ coffee for the next two weeks I could

manage well enough.

4) I knew I could not afford___ caviare.

5) I see that you are in the habit of eating ______ heavy


6) I never drink anything for____ luncheon except ____

white wine.

7) I never eat____ asparagus.

8) We waited for___ asparagus to be cooked.

7. Reading Comprehension and Discussion Tasks

Answer the following questions:

1) Where did the author catch sight of the woman? Why wouldn't he have recognized her if somebody hadn't mentioned her name?

2) Did he remember where he had first met her? Where was he living at that time? How much was he earning?

3) Why did she write to him? Where would she like him to give her a little luncheon? Why had he never thought of going to Foyot's?

4) Why did he agree to meet her at Foyot's?

5) What did she look like? What was unusual about her appearance?

6) Why was the author prepared to be an attentive listener?

7) Why was he startled when the menu was brought? How did she reassure him?

8) What did she repeatedly say throughout the luncheon?

9) What did she order first? Why did his heart sink?

10) What did he order for himself? "What did she say about his choice?

11) What was she going to drink?

12) What did she talk about while she ate the salmon and the caviare?

13) Why did she say she wanted to have asparagus? Why did the author say he never ate asparagus?

14) Why did panic seize him? What did he decide to do if he didn't have enough money to pay the bill?

15) What terrible thing happened while they were waiting for the coffee?

16) What did she say she believed in?

17) Could he pay the bill? Why did he know she thought him mean?

18) Why did she say he was a humourist? Was he?

19) Has he had his revenge at last? What son of revenge is it?

20) Act out the scene of the luncheon.

21) Act out an inner monologue of the author during the luncheon.

Discuss the following:

1) Make guesses about the woman's background.

2) Why do you think she wrote to the author? Do you think many people send letters to writers'? Could you write to a writer? What writer could you send a letter to and what would you write about?


3) Why do you think she asked him to give her a luncheon at Foyot's? Why did she order the most expensive things? Why did she repeatedly say she never ate anything for luncheon? Did she really mean it or was it a trick?

4) "She gave me the impression of having more teeth, white and large and even, than there were necessary for any practical purpose". Why do you think the author pays special attention to the description of the woman's teeth?

5) What do you think is the author's attitude to the reading public: good-humoured, ruthless, ironical or sceptical?

6) Does S. Maugham, in your opinion, try to convey any message in the story or does he only try to amuse the reader? How did you find the story?


8. Make a literary translation of the extract (in writing):

« Foyot΄s is a restaurant at which the French senators eat…But she reassured me»


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