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Unique characters list

The faceless one The old guest High avatar
Hq (never warlord) Hq HQ (warlord)
infantry (character) Monstrous creature (character) infantry (character)
250pts 185 pts 225pts
Holo-suit flip-belt Faceless plate Night cowl Phantasm harpoon Sinister naginata [Relic] D-scythe Golden Heart [Relic] Two shoulder-mounted Mindwarp barrage launchers Holo-suit flip-belt Domino-patterned holofields   Plasma pistol Holo-suit flip-belt The 99th blade God's bone Dice Cloak of prestige Dreadmask May take Eldar Jetbike -15 pts   can take any number of relics.
Fleet Jester's trickery Soulless Butcher Blade flurry Fearless Power from pain (shares PfP bonuses with friendly squads within 6") Fleet furious charge Rampage Psyker (ML2) fearless It will not die hatred(Thousand sons; Tzeentch) preferred enemy (Tzeentch) Independent character Fleet Jester's trickery blade flurry Grandmaster of the play Fortune of the chosen Independent character
Takes up no force organization slots.   When taken, allows to take two squads of Deathwatch and up to two Ordo Xenos hq They do not take up a force organisation slots and are treated as Battle Brothers towards squad containing the old guest. Aside from buffed statline, gives his squad ability to re-roll failed saving throws   At the beginning of turn can choose a Master of the play instead of basing it on previous turn.
WS8 BS8 S5 T5 W4 I:9 A:6 Ld10 WS4 BS4 S6 T6 W5 I:4 A:3 Ld10 Sv:2+ WS7 BS7 S4 T4 W4 I:7 A:5 Ld10




name Harlequin Venom Harlequin Vyper Wraithquin
slot Fast attack\Dedicated transport Fast attack [squadron 1-3] HS
composition Fast Skimmer; transport Fast skimmer Monstrous creature (character)
cost 100 points 45 points 145 pts
wargear Two shrieker cannons, either sails, ghostwalk matrix Twin linked shrieker cannon; underslung shrieker cannon; Ghostwalk matrix; crystal targetting matrix Two shoulder-mounted shrieker cannons Holo-suit flip-belt Two arm-mounted Phantasm harpoons
Special rules Open topped Stealth; assault; outflank Capacity: 5 models+character Character can elect to shoot vehicle gun mounts instead of his own ranged weapons using his BS and special rules. Stealth; deep strike; outflank; Can initiate Eldar Jetbike move during assault phase Fleet furious charge rampage fearless
Extra options Can equip: Nightshields: 10 points Holofields: 10 points Can equip: Nightshields: 10 points Holofields: 10 points Can exchange turret-mounted shrieker cannon to: Twin-linked shuriken cannon - free Twin-linked scatter laser - 5 pts Twin-linked Brightlance -5 pts Pulse laser -5 pts Eldar missile launcher - 5pts -flakk missiles - 5pts Twin-linked starcannon -5pts Every third can replace it with Suncannon -25pts Can exchange each shrieker cannon for anything from the list:     Twin Shuriken cannon: free Eldar missile launcher 15 points Bright lance 10 points Heavy flamer 5 points Wraithcannon 10 points D-scythe 10 points    
      Craftworld wraith constructs are huge lumbering beasts because the shady netherworld between the worlds of living and the dead is confusing. Former troupe masters sometimes keep their eternal dance, bringing these leviathans to motion.
  F:10 S:10:B:10 BS:4 F:10 S:10:B:10 BS:4 WS5 BS4 S8 T8 W3 I:4 A:2 Ld10 Sv:3+



Name Type Effects stats  
Flip belt Equipment Changes unit type to Jump; Gives model: Hit'n'run;, move through cover; scout USR   free
Dreadmask Equipment Model has Furious charge and Rampage USR    
Faceless plate Equipment The enemy cannon use Fearless or TSKNF special rules in close combat with model. Charging enemy does not benefit from any kind of grenades;    
Night cowl Equipment Model has Furious charge USR. The model chooses a challenger itself. It cannot be denied. If no challenger is available, the model gains Rampage USR, rolling D6 instead.    
Harlequin's kiss Close combat Gives model Rending USR S:user Ap:6 4 pts
Holosuit armour Gives unit stealth and Evasion special rules Base 5+ invulnerable save free
Phantasm harpoon Close combat weapon Grapple: Rolling 5+ on to hit forces a strength+D6 rolloff between shooter and model. If target loses, it is grappled and tugged to base contact. It counts as a successful charge of the shooter (overwatch with non-harpoon weaponry allowed) both take a Hammer of wrath hit and are counted as locked in combat. S:user Ap:4 Concussive; strikedown; Rends S:6 Ap:3 Assault 1 12 rending; Grapple; Precision(6+) 25 pts
Solar blade Power sword Solar wind: upon dealing an unsaved wound to enemy character, roll for initiative. If successful, all enemy models within 6 of the wounded model get S:3 Ap- Blind hit S:user+1 Ap:3; Blind Each hit on a Daemon causes 2D3 hits instead. 10 pts
Whirring staff Close combat weapon; Can be used as a ranged weapon . Stats vary. S:(user initiative) Ap:(User wounds) Assault (User BS) S:user+2 Ap4 Two-handed; ranged: 24" Assault; Blast 35 pts
Sunburst carbine Ranged weapon Solar wind: upon dealing an unsaved wound to enemy character, roll for initiative. If successful, all enemy models within 6 of the wounded model get S:3 Ap- Blind hit S:3 AP:6 Assault 2D3; blind Daemons get D3 hits for each model under blast template instead of one. 5 pts
Solar barrage grenades Equipment. Can be thrown All models in unit count as being equipped with assault and defensive grenades. S:4 Ap:4; Assault 6 blind; Concussive; D6 hits on Daemons; D3 hits on psykers free
Hallucinogen grenades Equipment. Can be thrown All models in unit count as being equipped with assault and defensive grenades. Hallucinogen: reduces hit squad WS,BS,I,A,Ld values by 1 for the rest of the turn. S:3 Ap:- Assault 12, Hallucinogen, fear free
Dream smasher hammer Close combat weapon Dream smash: For each hit successfully landed on a psyker, he gets extra amount of hits equal to his mastery level. S:user x2 Ap2; Concussive; unwieldy 20 pts
Solar mace Close combat weapon Solar flare: killing a model allows instant cast (at initiative step) of Cleansing Flame with amount of charges equal to : [killed model toughness] + [model max wounds] [current solaire wounds] cannot trigger perils of the warp S:user+3 Ap:4 blind 15 pts
Deathwind pistol Ranged weapon; pistol Deathwind: all To Hit rolls of 6 allow another shot to be made. Can trigger itself. Has "Wall of death" special rule. S:4 AP:4 Assault 3 12" Bladestorm; Deathwind 15 pts


The Master Joke Relic list Type Special rules Profile Cost
Morbid pistol Pistol Hollow mark: model hit by the pistol does not generate warp charges the following turn on, getting Perils of the Warp on any double when attempting to manifest Ppowers S:4 Ap:4 12 Pistol; Master-crafted 10 pts
Twin morbid pistols Pistols (2) Hollow mark: model hit by the pistol does not generate warp charges the following turn on, getting Perils of the Warp on any double when attempting to manifest Ppowers Always hit in 3+ Rolls of 1 are not fails, but precision shots S:4 Ap:4 12 Assault 2; Master-crafted; shred 15 pts
Sinister blade Close combat weapon Butcher blade: inflicting an unsaved wound with this weapon allows landing another hit with the same weapon. Can trigger another hit. S:user Ap:2 Rending; 35 pts
Doom glave Power weapon Doomed: model with weapon, special rule or equipment with Doomed mark is cursed. All surrounding (6') models are treated as having Doom and Misfortune effects upon them. S:user+2 Ap:2 Two-handed; Shred; Master-crafted 25 pts  
Mindshackle morningstar Close combat weapon Mindshackle: suffering a hit causes perils of the warp roll on Psykers. Killing any model with the weapon triggers a blast. Place a blast marker over the head of the killed model. All models under template suffer an S:Ld AP:Sv hit (stats taken from the victim) S:user x3 Ap:2; unwieldy; concussive. Attacks are directed against leadership, not toughness. 30 pts
Dominator shotgun Ranged weapon Hits force Moral tests (-2) If failed, target squad counts as under effect of Dominate psychic power until the next own psychic phase. S:4 Ap:5 Assault 1; blast; fear 12" 10 pts
Mindwrack longsword Force sword Mindwrack: Forces morale test (-2) on each hit. If failed, target squad loses it's Fearless and TSKNF special rules. Failing while already being under effect causes permanent penalty -1 to leadership value. S:user+2 Ap:2 20 pts
Twin glass razors Close combat weapons (x2) Whirlwind: charge attacks bonus number is equal to target initiative value. S:user Ap:3; Shred; whirlwind; rending 15 pts
Distort blade Close combat weapon   S:user Ld; Ap:user W; Distort; Shred 10 pts
Glass scimitars Close combat weapon x2 Phantom pain wave: all attack hit each and every enemy model in base contact. S:user Ap:- phantom specialist weapon; Phantom pain wave 25 points
Elusive lance Close combat weapon Always hits on 2+. roll of 1 hits the user Hammer of wrath attacks have Sx2 AP:1 profile S:x2\user Ap:1\- S:Ld Ap: W Assault 1 6" 15 pts
The 99th blade Close combat weapon Life leech: instead of Toughness, target's Max Wound value is taken when determining to wound results. Each kill gives a model a single token. Whenever a model loses it's wound, discard one or more tokens and replace lost wounds. Can bring back from brink of death. S:user+1 Ap:- Vaul's work; Rending; Life leech 40 pts
Wraithglass deck of Doom equipment Gives model ability to cast Doom special power. Provides 2 warp charges that cannot be used other than for that purpose. When manifesting the power, no perils of the warp can be conducted. All rolls of 1 are to be re-rolled. Can be used as a ranged S:(User Initiative) Ap:(user wounds) Assault (turn number +2) 12" (attack number doubled with both decks bought) 40 points
Wraithglass deck of Fate Equipment Psyker only Gives model ability to make two roll on Runes of Fate psychic powers list and manifest these abilities. Re-roll rolls of 1. No perils. Can exceed normal amounts of psychic powers Having both decks makes all Runes of Fate powers manifested by the user impossible to be denied at the cost of perils of the warp chance. S:(User Initiative) Ap:(user wounds) Assault (turn number +2) 12" (attack number doubled with both decks bought) 35 points
Phantasm cloak equipment One use only: before blows are struck during Assault phase re-position model from base contact with one enemy model to another enemy model within 24". Can result in getting into close combat with another enemy unit.   25 points
The mean grin stone equipment One use only: with maniacal chuckle the laughing God himself denies the witch. Pass initiative test. If successful, one enemy psychic power is denied.   40 points
Golden heart Equipment (Solitaire only) Model and it's squad are Immune to any and all psychic power effects. Cannot be target nor a caster of psychic powers   75 points
Cowl of Prestige Equipment (one use only) Once at the beginning of any phase, the model and it's squad attempt an initiative test. If successful, the squad and model make a move to a point within 12" of their current position, leaving a phantom squad in it's wake   50 pts
Sinister naginata Close combat weapon Butcher blade: inflicting an unsaved wound with this weapon allows landing another hit with the same weapon. Can trigger another hit. Always hits on 3+ S:x2 Ap:2 Rending; Shred; two-handed 85 pts
Domino-patterned holofields equipment Model and it's squad count as being equipped with Eldar Titan holo-fields. Range of attacks against the squad is reduced by 6"   150 pts
God's bone dice equipment Roll two dice when trying to seize the initiative, discarding the lowest. Increases model's Initiative value by 2   50 points

Special rules:

Evasion Model has 4+ invulnerable save in close combat. When targetted by a ranged attack, take an initiative test. If successful, you can use the save against ranged attack as well.
Master of the play The squad containing Troupe master gets benefits depending on what actions it made the previous turn. See the list in separate table.
Grandmaster of the play At the beginning of each turn (your or enemy) choose one of the Master of the play traits. The effect lasts unless you choose another effect the next turn.
Fortune of the chosen Model and it's squad can re-roll failed saving throws and deny the witch rolls.
Blade flurry All unused range (distance travelled substracted from charge range rolled for) is added as extra attacks. Rolling 10 while requiring 8 means the model makes 2 extra attacks.
Butcher Upon killing a model, make a single 1" step in any direction and make an extra attack with each close combat weapon available against another model. It cat also trigger extra attacks.
Soulless All models within 12 range, containing a model with Psyker or Daemon special rule lose fearless special rules and each psyker has his Leadership value reduced by 3, generates 1 warp charge less than normal. Roll D6 for each blessing or malediction in effect within range. on 4+ it is no longer in effect. Does not apply to the squad containing Master of the Play
Phantasmal lord Whenever an attack hits a model with the special rule, take an initiative test. A successful initiative test spawns a phantasmal copy of the unit, providing with extra capabilities of spreading wounds to them. When killed, all enemy models in base contact get S:3 Ap- hit All phantasms are removed from play at the end of the phase.
Jester's trickery A model with the special rule is always under the watchful eye of the Laughing God. It can always re-roll all failed saves and when forced to be removed from play (either because of special rule or simply due to losing last wound) must immediately make a D6 roll. Substract 2 from the result. If the result is >0 the model is returned to play with resulting amount of wounds. All extra wounds are spent on phantasms (which are removed at the end of phase)
Shining exemplar The bright emanating light vaporises all shadows and wicked chaos sorcery. Enemy models within 12 of a model with the special rule lose Shrouded and Stealth special rules. Daemons are forced to re-roll all 6 on saves.
Solar brilliance All attempts to target a squad containing model with the rule require a successful pass of Initiative test. If failed, the targetting squad gets a Blind effect and is unable to fire this turn.
White noise All Malefic psychic powers cast or already active in 18" range from the model cease to be in effect. All attempts to manifest conjuration Malefic powers cause perils of the warp automatically. Model can re-roll failed Deny the Witch rolls.
Enchancer At the beginning of the movement phase the model can attempt to activate it's powers. A successful moral check makes all the models within 12" count as under effect of Enhance psychic power. A failure means all models within 12" count as under effect of Drain psychic power. The effect lasts until the beginning of your next movement phase. Does not require models to stay within 12" to be in effect.
Channeller All warp charges generated by non-character models in the squad of the model with the special rule must be marked and kept separately. When the model attempts to manifest it's psychic powers using only charges from this pool, each spent point allows two rolls to be made, discarding the lowest ones. i.e. 5 charges result in 10 rolls, discarding the lowest ones.


Psychic powers:

Name Shimmerring mist Brokengespenst Fata morgana Heat haze Mirage Gloria
type Conjuration Blessing Conjuration Malediction Conjuration Nova 24"
target Point within 24 Friendly unit within 6 Psyker squad Enemy squad within 24 Point within visible range self
effect Conjures a mind-defying eye-bleeding mist in the point, Large Blast size. Attempt to shoot through the mist reduces the To Hit roll result by 1 (6 is a hit anyway) Target unit is covered with shimmering, distorted halo, making impossible direct ballistic calculations. BS and Initiative values are reduced by 2 when targetting the squad.   A psyker and his squad must immediately pass an initiative and moral test (no auto pass allowed). If both are passed, place a phantom copy of each non-character model in the squad. If squad has no models without Character special rule, place a single phantom per wound each character has   Distortion of senses and malfunction of simple mechanisms plagues target squad. All terrain counts as difficult terrain, all weapons range is halved, charge distance is reduced by 3'   Wavering fills the air as a malformed ruins materialize from thin air. Place a large blast marker. It counts as ruins battlefield terrain from now on. Each turn the mirage scatters 2d6". Travelling on a rolled double makes the mirage blast into glass shards, dealing S3 Ap- hits to all models within 12' from the point All models under the template also get S4 Ap- Blind; Rending; hits. Psyker coveres himself with the most drastic of illusions, provoking fear and loathing. All enemies within 24 must immediately take a morale test(-1). If failed, roll D6. Apply results immediately. 1.squad rallies and tears off the effect. 2-4.squad loses their senses and immediately attempts to bring the fiendish foe down. The squad starts snapping frantic shots at the target, losing ability to fire overwatch and shoot in the next shooting phase. 5. morale breaks and squad starts routing. 6.panic sweeps the squad, Fearless and TSKNF special rules cease to be in effect. Can result in squads breaking off



Phantom Menace Veil of tears
conjuration Blessing
Point within 24" self
All enemy units within 12" of the point must each take a moral test (-2). If failed, the unit's darkest fears manifest as phantom figures. The squad immediately fires overwatch at the nearest squad. After that place a number of phantoms equal to number of models in the squad in base contact with that squad. The squad gets locked in combat at the beginning of the Assault phase. When targetting squad under the effect of Veil of Tears psychic power, roll 2D6. The double of that value is the maximum distance you can fire at them from. If attack failed, the squad cannon target any other unit this turn.
1 charge. 1 charge


Warlord traits:

Architect of shadows Phantasmal attunement Illusive consensus Morbid laughter Chosen of the Joke Architect of the play
Nightfight rules are applied to three turns, not one. All phantasms are Shades and have Rending special rule Instead of dissplating, all phantasms separate from their squads at the end of the turn and fight on for the next turn. At the beginning of the game declare you will be using the ability.All reserve rolls are reduced by 2 for the first two turns Warlord isn't in the mood, and isn't the Laughing god. He can always re-roll his to hit and to wound rolls. Sometimes a future prank requires an exact person alive and well. A person gets Joker's trickery special rule. If he already has it, roll 2D6 and discard the low The puzzle just falls into pieces when need be. Warlord gets Master of the Play special rule. If already present, it also spreads on 1 friendly squad within 12



Master of the play:

Ceogorach's dickery Khaine's fury Isha's rejuvernation Falchou swiftness Kurnous precision Asurian's wisdom
Squad managed to evade losses and successfully broke off close combat using Hit'n'run special rule Squad managed to fully obliterate an enemy squad in close combat Squad lost 20% or more of their wounds the previous turn (phantasms uncounted) The squad travelled over 14" (36 if Master of the Play has Jetbike unit type) Squad managed to bring down a character, monstrous creature or a vehicle using ranged attacks The squad avoided taking damage and (perilously) manifested 3 psychic powers the previous turn
Squad can re-roll 1s on saving throws, to hit and to wound rolls. Squad gains Hatred and Preferred enemy special rules Squad gets FnP 4+ and IWND special rule Squad can charge after Running Bike-riding squad rolls extra D6 on charge distance. Suqd gets Precision shots on rolls of 5+; tank hunter and monster hunter special rules. Characters can fire snapshots at full BS Psykers in the squad count as being 1ML higher than normal and can re-roll 1s on psychic tests.


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