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I. Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.


1. Can you hear the sound of ______ inside?

A) laugh B) laughts

C) laughter D) lauched


2. Even _____ they were upset about the situation, they carried on with their work.

A) so B) in spite

C) though D) because


3. We were hurrying because we thought that the bell ______.

A) had already rang B) had already rung

C) has already rang D) have already ringing


4. I wish they ______ go so far.

A) havenít B) wonít

C) donít D) didnít


5. We were ______ go out when the telephone rang.

A) on the point of B) about to

C) just D) nearly


6. Last week my mother was in hospital so I ______ with my younger brother.

A) stayed B) staying

C) was staying D) were staying


7. The plane to Paris _____ early on Monday morning.

A) will take off B) is going to take off

C) would take off D) takes off


8. I donít feel like ______ this article today.

A) to read and translate B) on reading and translating

C) read and translate D) reading and translating


9. I canít bear ______ in queues.

A) stand B) standing

C) to stand D) to standing


10. John Kennedy was ______ of the United States.

A) the thirty-five president B) the thirty-fifth president

C) the president thirty-fifth D) president the thirty-five


11. That was _____ news.

A) sad B) sad piece of

C) a sad D) a sad piece of


12. I liked _____ music, but the words were boring.

A) the B) a

C) - D) some


13. Thatís ______ business but ______.

A) anybody's ... my B) nobody's ... my

C) anybody's ... mine D) nobody's ... mine



14. Has anyone seen _______ magazine I left in the dining room?

A) Ė B) the

C) a D) some


15. ______ tourists stay here.

A) Only few B) Only little

C) Only a few D) Only a little


16. Your word is ______ for me.

A) enough good B) good enough

C) good as enough D) good than enough


17. Jack overslept, and was ______ late that he missed his train.

A) so B) much

C) too D) very


18. _______ the more you get fat.

A) When you eat more B) Eating more

C) The more you eat D) More eatin


19. They may feel envious _____ your success.

A) at B) on

C) with D) of


20. It is doubtful that students learn much _______.

A) from watching TV B)by watch TV

C) for watching TV D) to watch TV



II. Translate the technical text.


One final approach is being used in many areas, and it often proves workable. This is a combination of fiber and coax or, as it is known, hybrid fiber/coax (HFC). As we have seen, coax has a greater bandwidth than copper but a smaller one than fiber. Also, in some 60 percent of the homes in the United States, coax in the form of CATV goes to the home; tying fiber to coax for the final several hundred yards makes technological sense.

Fiber comes in several forms; the two predominant ones are multimode and single-mode . As can be seen, the total strand diameter for both is about 125 microns . However, the ultrapure glass that forms the core transmission medium is between 50 and 62.5 microns for the multimode fiber and about 8 to 10 microns for the single-mode fiber. One would think that the multimode fiber would have a greater carrying capacity; however, just the opposite is true. With single-mode fiber, only one ray or mode can travel down the strand, and this makes for a simpler job in regenerating the signal at points along the span. In fact, single-mode fiber makes up the majority of today's long-distance network.


III. Write the annotation to the text.


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