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I. Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.


I. Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.


1. You sister used to visit your parents quite often, ________?

A) Didn’t she B) wouldn’t she

C) doesn’t she D) hadn’t she


2. I ________ that the students should study more.

A) am feeling B) feel

C) is feeling D) feels


3. How many times _________(you) to Rome?

A)were B)have been

C)was D)had been


4. Look. _______ sitting on the wall.

A) There is a kitten B)There is a kitten is

C)There a kitten is D)There is a kitten who are


5. I have no idea________.

A)who’s book is this B) whose book is this

C)who’s book this is D) whose book this is


6. Nancy tried to get the thread _______the eye of the needle.

A) to B)out

C)in D)through


7. You’d ________hurry up or else we’ll be late.

A) rather B) should

C) better D) have to


8. I can hair a noise; I think ________is outside.

A) some B) somebody

C) somehow D) somewhere


9.Jane doen’t have ___________ tonight.

A)many homework’s B) many homework’s

C) much homework’s D)many homework


10. Have you written ________ names?

A) everybody B) everybody’s

C) everybodys’ D) everybodies’


11. Let me give you______________.

A) an advice B) the advices

C) some advice D) some advices


12.I don’t like it here. Let’s go somewhere ___________

A) else B) again

C) more D) some advices



13.Where is _________ centre of ________ earth?

A) - …. - B) a….the E) the…. -

C)- ….. - D) a….a F) the….the


14. ______ in Moscow.

A) Most my friends lives B) Most of my friends lives

C) Most my friends live D) Most of my friends live


15. I have _______ interest in his problems.

A) very few B) very little

C) a very few D) a very little


16. I like these dishes, but _______ is a little small.

A) the cup of tea B) the tea’s cup

C) the tea cup D) the cup for the tea


17. Although your sister is very popular, she is not._____ as a mine.

A) pretty as B) prettier than

C) so pretty D) more pretty than


18. I bought a__________ pig this morning.

A) nice big pink B) pink nice big

C) big nice pink D) nice pink big


19. I could never be bored _________ football.

A) at B) about

C) with D) in


20. We came here __________ to your parents.

A) speak B) speaking

C) to speak D) to speaking


II. Translate the technical text.

As with all inventions, the road had not been smooth. For years, Graham Bell (as he liked to be called) had been experimenting with harmonic telegraph. It should be possible, he reasoned, to send six tones over the same wire at the same time and cause six reeds attached to the receiving end to be operated. Furthermore, if all worked well, varied combinations of these six pitches could reproduce human speech.

Simultaneously he was working on a scheme that utilized the varying resistance of a wire. A diaphragm, which would be vibrated by the human voice, was attached to a wire that was dipped into a mixture of acid and water. In theory, as the diaphragm moved downward, forcing more wire into the acid, the resistance of the wire would be decreased. As the diaphragm moved upward, the wire would be withdrawn from the conducting liquid, and its resistance would be increased.

It was this device that was ultimately successful and that formed the basis for the telephone industry for many years.


III. Write the annotation to the text.


I. Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.

1. Are you sure Ann _________ use you camera?

A) knows to B) Knows how to

C) knows the D) Knows how


2. When I saw the girl I was sure ________ her before.

A) meet B) have met

C) met D) had met


3. Everybody _________ work hard if they want to pass exams.

A) will must B) will must to

C) will have D) will have to


4. This car isn’t going _________ in the race.

A) to drive B) to be drive

C) to driven D) to be driven


5. We would like ___________ you a present

A) give B) giving

C) to give D) to giving


6. I always ask my brother and _______ for advice.

A) he B) his

C) him D) himself


7. I will need ________ about the incident before I make a decision.

A) a few information B) a little information

C) a few informations D) a little informations


8. My hair ________ very dirty, I must wash _______.

A) is…it B) are … them

C) isn’t …. It D) aren’t …. Them


9. He seemed ______.

A) nice man B) nice men

C) a nice man D) a nice men


10. I bought ____________ yesterday.

A) two loafs of bread B) two loaves of bread

C) two loafs of the break D) two loaves of the bread


11. No one could find Nick __________.

A) somewhere B) nowhere

C) anywhere D) everywhere


12. _______ Russia and ________ United States are separated by ________ Pacific Ocean.

A) - …. - …. - …. B) the … the … the ….

C) - …. The …. - …. D) - …. The … the ….


13. How much money have you got? - __________.

A) None B) Nothing

C) No one D) No


14. We have very _______ money left.

A) few B) little

C) a few D) a little


15. This coffee tasted a little ________ to me.

A) hotly B) hot

C) so hot D) too much hot


16. As soon as I ________ reading the article, I will give it to you.

A) will finish B) shall finish

C) would finish D) finish


17. I don’t want ________.

A) this dirty ones B) these dirty ones

C) these dirty one D) this one dirty


18. She is good ________ languages, but she is bad _________ math.

A) in… in B) at… at

C) in… at D) at … in


19. _____ Jim, who is going to see her off?

A) Apart B) Beside

C) Besides D) Expert


20. You____ better lock all the windows and the front door before we leave.

A) Should B) had

C) would D) ought


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