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Do you agree that it is important to know yourself in order to choose a job that matches your ability and personality? What jobs would you be well-suited to?

Choosing the perfect career is a sure thing for success in life. Before choosing a job, you must first know yourself. Itís important to learn about who you are, what you like, and what you value when thinking about your job options.

Itís necessary to know about your interests, values, beliefs, personality, skills, strengths, learning styles and preferred lifestyle. People who choose occupations that match their interests, values and skills tend to enjoy their work. They also tend to achieve their career and personal goals.

When you choose a job you have to know if you like working with people or you prefer work alone. Some people like to work as part of a team and share responsibility, for example nurses, police officers or flight attendants. In these cases your work depends upon what others are doing, and they depend on you. In other occupations you may be working on your own without regular interaction with other people. In some occupations this may involve attending to money matters, supervising other people's work or making decisions that will affect your staff. If you find it hard to work as a part of team and you canít stand working under pressure you can be self-employed or your own boss.

A work value is a principle related to worth, excellence, importance. Your value system is expressed daily through your living and working. You have to answer such questions as is it important for you to work where cooperation is important or do you like competition? Do you need creativity and self-expression in your work?

A skilled person is able to do some things well because of talent, training and practice. So you should know which skills do you use now, which do you want to continue to use, and which would you like to develop more.

If you are thinking about becoming an elementary school teacher, be sure you enjoy spending a great deal of time with children. If you want to be an accountant, you should ask yourself if youíre meticulous and if you like detail-oriented work. If you want to work for a daily newspaper, be sure you can handle a fast-paced, high pressure environment.

As for a job, I think Iíll be well-suited to such job as an interpreter, because translating foreign languages appeals to me. To my mind I feel comfortable in nearly all social situations. I love communicating with clever a polite people from many countries, I like learning their traditions and customs. I sometimes like staying alone, but at the same time Iís sociable person. I have got a lot of friends, so the job as an interpreter will be very useful for me.

Then I should be looking for a career in the education field: for example English or French teacher. I love children, so I like helping them in any situation. In my view itís a very important and difficult job, however there arenít any chances of promotions and itís a low-paid job.

Iíd like to say, that Iím hard-working and diligent, especially when Iím interested in a work. I tend to think I canít stand working under pressure. Working with friendly colleagues is important to me, but in the most cases I prefer working alone. So Iíd like to be my own boss. Iím sure that tis job would be well-suited to me.

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