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Speak about a famous person you admire.

There are a lot of famous and extremely talented people nowadays. I especially admire one person. She is an actress and she is totally committed to her job. Her name is Sasha Grey. She is very beautiful and she has got a charming smile, she also likes to twinkle and she is very outstanding. She has got a beautiful body and she is in a good shape. A lot of boys and men adore her and she is an idol for a lot of people. I would like to have a wife like her because I believe she is a very kind and understanding person. I admire her.


8. Speak about present day life what objects you use in everyday life. what do you think life will be like in 50 yearsí time (will probably, probably wonít, will definitely, definitely wonít)

I think that modern life is much easier that it was one hundred years ago. Modern devices help us to do everything we want much faster and sometimes we even donít think about it and donít pay any attention to their work. I use many different objects every day: a computer, a mobile phone, an oven, a comb, a toothbrush, a towel. I canít imagine my life without the Internet or cars, fridge or a microwave oven. It is very important for me to keep in touch with my friends and family, that is why I always take a mobile phone with me. I believe that life will definitely change in 50 yearsí time. People will probable use flying cars instead of usual ones, we will probably speak one language because everybody is learning English now. Maybe we will not go anywhere on foot because there will be a transportation device. I hope the scientists will find new medicine against all diseases or against ageing.


9. Talk about health problems. When did you last get a cold Talk about health problems. When did you last get a cold? What did you do to overcome it?

People might have a lot of health problems. It can be a headache, an earache, a backache, a toothache, a stomachache, cancer, AIDS, the flu, a cold and many others. I got a cold two weeks ago because of weather changes. In the morning the weather was nice and warm, but in the evening it got colder and colder and it started to rain. I wasnít wearing warm clothes and I had no umbrella with me, so I got wet and fell ill. I had a terrible headache and sniffles and a sore throat. I took some medicine, for example aspirin and drops for my running nose. I also drank warm milk and ate strawberry jam. In two days I overcame this cold and totally recovered. Now I drink vitamins and dress properly not to get cold any more.


10. Interests, obsessions. Are you obsessed with anything? What about your friends? Is it dangerous to be obsessed with anything? Whatís the difference between hobbies and obsessions?

Interests are very different from obsessions. When you are interested in something, it doesnít mean you are crazy about, you can always control yourself and you are not talking about this thing all the time. I am a bit obsessed with the Internet as I go online every day, but I donít feel bad when I canít go online or when I have a lot of other things to do. One of my friends is obsessed with hockey. He always watches matches on TV and goes to watch them in reality, he is shouting for our team ďTractorĒ. He has got different clothes connected with it: a T-shirt, a jacket, a cap, trousers. He has got a flag and a lot of small souvenirs in his car and magnets on his fridge connected with it. Sometimes being obsessed becomes dangerous, because people forget about everything else in their lives and think only about the object of their obsession. But sometimes it is quite normal and people can separate their life from their interests.


11. Whatís your attitude to designer goods? Do you think they are much better than ordinary things?

A lot of people prefer buying designer goods instead of ordinary things. They believe these goods have a better quality and they will serve them a longer life. In fact, it is only partially true, because any thing will wear out with time and you should think twice before paying so much money for it. It is also not good to buy very cheap things because they will one hundred percent break or tear in a week or they will change their form after first washing. I believe it is much better to buy something in the middle Ė not very cheap and not very expensive. You should always pay attention to details and try the clothes on before buying.


12. What job would you like to have most/ least of all?

There are so many jobs nowadays that it is really hard to choose. I thought a lot about it, I wanted to be an actor, a journalist, a lawyer, a vet, but I understand that it is not for me. I want to work with people because I am very sociable and I like to discuss a lot of things. I will probably become an interpreter or a businessman. You must be very patient and hard-working, you must be tolerant and sometimes greedy, if you want to have a lot of money. A teacher or a manger is the job I would like to have least of all. Being a teacher is very stressful and nervous, I think I would kill all shouting children. And being a manager is boring because you need to spend a lot of time in front of the computer and it can also do harm to your eyes.


13. What can people do with money? How would life change if there were no money?

Money is a very important part of our lives nowadays. I canít imagine life without it. I get my pocket money twice a week and I hope I will have much more money in future. You can do many different things with it: buy some goods, clothes, products, cars; you can earn money and spend it, or sometimes waste it on unnecessary things. You can save up some money for the future. Sometimes people borrow money if they canít afford buying something they really want to buy, and the others lend money. Life would not change greatly without money because people would invent something instead of it. They would probably use some precious stones to exchange them for something else.

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