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Write an annotation translation of the text

II Grammar


1. I read books ___ the evenings.





2. We _____ dance all night.

do can

not can



3. Where were you born? I ________ in Madrid.

were born

was borne

was born

4. This film is _________ than "Titanic"

more interesting


most interesting


5. They ______ five years ago.

have meeted


did met

6.It was nice _____ you.

to meet

on meeting

to meeting


7. I cut myself when I ______.


was shaving

is shaving


8. You _____ show your identity card before you come in.





9. I want ______ at home tonight.


to stay



10. This time next month I _______ lectures at a university.

will be attending

will attend



III Essay Writing

Books in my life


Signature of the examiner______________


I Reading

Dancing and its role in the world culture

There are various elements in a country’s culture, such as music, drama and dancing. These activities fulfill people’s daily life and make the culture to become unique and colorful. Among these activities, dancing plays a very important role in a culture. I assert the statement due to three reasons as follows.


Firstly, dancing is one of the ways for people to communicate. Before human being can use language to communicate with each other, body language such as gesture is a good way to express what they want to say. Gradually, dancing has become a very important way for people to show their feelings. For example, dancing in celebrations can express feelings such as happiness, love or grief.


Secondly, dancing also reflects the diversity of a nation. There are different kinds of dances in different cultures. For instance, Flamenco is a famous dance in Span, and it reflects the culture of Span and the characteristics of the Spanish people. In many cultures, dancing has even become an integral part of their culture. Understanding the dancing of a country helps people to understand the culture of that country.


Thirdly, dancing can help create a lot of wonderful music. Dancing and music cannot be separated. When people dance, they usually need appropriate music to company. Tchaikovsky is one of the greatest composers in the world, and his famous work "Swan Lake" is created for the ballet. We almost can say that the ballet dancing gave Tchaikovsky inspirations to write the music. Of course, other activities are all important for a culture. However, I especially mention dancing because the valid reasons I have present above.


Write an annotation translation of the text

II Grammar


1. Look! Andy __________in the garden.

am working

are working

is working


2. I was very ____ in the story.




3. I ____ television now.

are watching

am watched

am watching


4. John is the ____ in the class.


more tall



5. How __________ does it take you to get to work?




6. If you ____ the box, you will find a present.

are opening




7. _______ it help you?





8. I __________ him yet.

had seen

haven’t seen

hasn’t seen

9. If __________ help me, we'll go to the cinema.

you would

you will



10. I've no idea where __________ .

what to do

that to do



III Essay Writing

My last visit to the theatre


Signature of the examiner______________


I Reading

St. Valentine's Day

The 14th of February is a holiday, called St. Valentine's Day. It's the day when boys and girls, sweethearts and lovers, husbands and wives, friends and neighbors will exchange greetings of love or satirical comment. And the quick, modern way to do it is with a Valentine card.

Valentines as we know them first appeared in the 18th century, and were cards with drawings and verses made by the sender. In the 19th century shop-made valentines appeared, and became decorated with lace, real flowers, feathers, and moss.


Valentine-sending has now become less, though it does revive from time to time. The first Valentine of all was a bishop, a Christian martyr, who before he was put to death by the Romans sent a note of friendship to his jailer's blind daughter. Comic valentines are also traditional.

Here is a story about St. Valentine's Day in one family. The story is called "A Valentine's Fiasco: Her Heart was Full — His Stomach Empty".


My Great-Grandma and Grandpa had been married a good many years when she decided that they should exchange Valentine cards as they used to during their courtship. "We shouldn't let the custom die out", she pleaded. However, Great-Grandpa refused to spend any money on "such rubbish".


She didn't require a card from him. She only wanted to surprise him and warm his heart a little. He worked hard. Every day he walked several miles across the fields to work, and he was accompanied by his grown sons, all carrying big sticks in one hand and lunch-baskets in the other.


On that day the old lady got up very early. She took a real fresh rose from the garden and fixed it on the card so that when the card was opened, the living rose was revealed to the beholder's (loving, she hoped) eyes. Then she packed the boys' and papa's lunch-baskets. All day she smiled and sang to herself remembering their first romantic meeting and the few happy days they had before the babies began arriving.


Alas, it all went wrong. When the boys and Great- Grandpa opened their baskets to have their dinner, the boys heard such a yell from their papa, that they were ready to run, remembering their father's heavy hands.


Their father threw out an old card and a rose, not reading the words carefully inscribed with loving hand "Amos — my everything - Nellie". "My grub!" — he roared. "Where's my dinner?" — and in case of apoplexy the boys had reluctantly to hand over some of theirs.

Poor Great - Grandmama. With love in her heart, her mind had been miles away from her work. She had forgotten to do the first thing which all good Victorian wives were supposed to: "First — feed the brute".


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Write an annotation translation of the text | Write an annotation translation of the text
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