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Electronic media. These has the benefit of speed are combined with a written record. Internet and e-mail use, intranets (internal computer links), fax messages, video conferencing and mobile telephones have all revolutionized business communication in recent years. These applications of electronic media do have their drawbacks. They may require staff to be trained and the young are usually much more proficient in their use than older employees. These reduce human contacts and can create a sense of isolation. Finally there is increasing evidence that IT can lead to communication overload as a result of the speed and low usage cost of these methods. Too much information can also cause stress and a feeling of over work.

Visual communication. This can be used to accompany and support oral, written and electronic communication. Diagrams, pictures, chats and pages of computer images can be presented by using overhead projection, interactive white boards, videos, and other means.



Ø Activity


Here are eight different examples of communication:

  • Safety notice on board a cruise ship;
  • Sales order from a customer sent to the production department;
  • Official warning to a staff member about quality of work;
  • Sending of detailed architectural plans from one office to another office abroad;
  • Need to solve a work problem with a team of staff;
  • Thirty members of staff need to be given essential information – but they are in different regional offices;
  • Need to check some details of a product order with the customer;

a) In each case, explain why it is important that communication is ‘effective’; (8)

b) Suggest and justify a suitable method of communication to be used in each case. (16)



§ Read the text to understand the main reasons why communication might fail.


Any factor that prevents a message being received or correctly understood is termed a ‘barrier to communication’. There are three broad reasons why these occur. (See figure 2)



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