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I hear more and more people pronouncing the letter Z as “zee”. Not happy about it! said Ross in London.

Well, basically in America they say zee and in Britain we say zet. So, although with the rapper Jay-Z, we still call him Jay-Z (Jay zee) we don’t call him Jay-Z (Jay zet) because…


okay, it’s not the first time that happened. Just in case you were fallen asleep there was a little jingle just to kind of keep you on your toes and that also suggest to me I’ve got to hurry this up because that is a very long list. Quite an ambitious episode. I think I can go through the whole list and keep it riveting and keep it fascinating and entertaining at the end. Maybe you are fallen asleep. I don’t know. Maybe if you are great. I hope you are having a lovely dream about Americanisms. somehow, anyway, right. .

Grammar Man says:

I’m not happy about your criticizing my pronunciation without explaining your own.

So, good point. Why is zed correct and zee wrong? Come on!

Number 47

To “medal” instead of to win a medal. It sets my teeth on edge with a vengeance, said Helen in Martock in Somerset.

So to medal instead of to win a medal. Okay, it’s like Chris Lewis medalled three times at the Olympics instead of Chris Lewis won a medal three times.

Grammar Man says:

How many times has your soccer team medaled in the past eleven World Cup Finals?

Okay, allright, Grammar Man

That’s a bit below the belt isn’t it? Anyway, it’s football, not soccer thanks. The sport that you refer to as football hardly involves contact between the ball and the foot. It should be called “Headbutt” or something. And what about The Baseball World Series? Come on! Only America takes part!

You know in America they call American football. They call it football but they don’t really use their feet. They throw the ball with their hands and they may like smash each other at the head with their helmets and in baseball there are big competitions called the Baseball World Series but it’s not… only America takes part in that. So it’s a bit arrogant to call it the World Series. So come onGrammar Man if we are gonna stop sort of sparing here over sports I am gonna have to pick you up on that one.

Number 48.

“I got it for free” is a pet hate. You got it “free” not “for free”. You don’t get something cheap and say you got it “for cheap” do you? said Mark Jones in Plymouth.

Well, I got it for free - I got it free okay, well, I think you say: I got it for ten pounds but if you got it for nothing some people might say I got it for free. I suppose because on the price list you would see 10 pounds or just the word free. So I got it for 10 pounds or I got it for free. I suppose grammatically you don’t get something for free you get it for nothing. You get it free. Okay, fine, but you know, whatever I don’t mind that bit of that kind of use of grammar there. It doesn’t really bother me that much. But I suppose technically it’s not correct.

Grammar Man says:

You’re right, you can’t get grammar lessons for cheap. You can either buy a grammar book for $15 – $50, or you can read my blog for free.

Okay he doesn’t really talk about whether buying something for free is correct. But he uses read my blog for free.

Yeah, Okay.

Number 49

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