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11. Replace the words in bold with others (AF). One variant is extra.

1. Last winter I went on a skiing holiday to the Alps. We stayed in a small chalet A) huge
2. which had a big fireplace in every room. B) delicious
3. The weather was good so we were able to go skiing every day C) tiny
4. In the evening we had dinner at restaurants in the village. The food was really good. D) awful
5. There were some greatshops so I bought a nicejumper. We stayed there for a week. We had a fantastic time. E) colourful
F) wonderful



12. Match the pictures with these words about media One word is extra.

1) 2) 3)
4) 5)

a) presenter b) viewer c) sound engineer d) game show e) cameraman f) reporter


13. Match the words (A F) with prefixes (1 5) to make negative forms. One variant (A F) is extra.

1) dis- A) replaceable
2) un- B) polite
3) in- C) tidy
4) im- D) pleased
5) ir- E) complete
F) literate



14. Fill in the gaps with one of the words. One variant is extra.

1) His test results are not good A) such
2) Many children in this class are young to be able to understand it. B) as
3) I'm not as patient your mom. C) so
4) Their teacher was tired that she couldnt say a word. D) too
5) Sonya is a bright student! E) enough
F) up


15. Read the text. Fill in the gaps (15) with the words (AF) given below. One variant (AF) is extra.


The Great British Bake Off competition is very comforting to1) ______ because it presents an idyllic view of British culture. The competition 2) ______ place in a tent decorated with colourful flags, in the grounds of an old English house. Home baking has always been an important part of UK culture and recently the trend for making cakes and bread at home has risen. For example, decorated cupcakes have 3)________ a huge craze in Britain and abroad. The recent economic recession 4)_______ it necessary for many families to cut back on their spending but baking is an activity that can 5)_____ a lot of pleasure for very little money.


A) made B) watch C) bring D) decorate E) takes F) become


16. Put the words in order to make the correct sentence.

1) I have found

2) people shop

3) between France and England

4) another difference that

5) is the way in which

17. Put the parts of the paragraph (15) in the correct order.

1) but a British restaurant in France that's not very likely, unless it's just a pub!

2) or the simple and unhealthy fish and chips.

3) Perhaps then when people think of British food they think of sandwiches,

4) In comparison to our neighbours, British food has never been seen as a delicacy like French cuisine.

5) For example, you can find French restaurants in Britain,

18. Put the parts of the e-mail in correct order.

1) Spanish lessons are going well, and Andrea, my teacher seems really nice. I understand quite a lot now and Im getting to the stage where I can say something.

2) Im trying to resist buying too much. I can go out quite a lot, my lessons usually start at 10am so I dont have to get up early, which is great when tasting the nightlife.

3) Hello, Ruth! Im having a great time here. Its really hot!

4) I think that its helpful that Im learning here rather than at school back home. Other than that Im enjoying myself very much. The area we are staying in is rather tempting as therere so many posh shops and restaurants around.

5) You know me, I like partying. Anyway I need to go. Hope youre well and not too cold back at home! Keep in touch!

Lisa xxx

19. Put the events and historical periods in the chronological order:

1. Tony Blair was elected Prime Minister.
2. Roman Conquest of Britain
3. Victorian Age
4. The Great Fire of London
5. The Second World War

20. Put the important events in persons life in the right order starting from the earliest

1) getting a good job 2) learning to read 3) birth 4) retirement 5) graduation

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