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Round I ~ Listening Comprehension

Directions for Teachers: Read this story 1 time to the students then after 5 minutes read it again.



Mrs. Wilson's husband, General Arthur Wilson, had been retired for ten years when he died of a heart attack while playing golf with his doctor. Mrs. Wilson mourned her loss for a respectable month and then continued her life as before, which was taken up mainly with playing bridge and attending lunch engagements and cocktail parties in the homes of a group of some forty friends. General Wilson had left his wife the shares of a small engineering firm, and with the income they brought her, together with her not inconsiderable bridge winnings, she led a comfortable life. Mrs. Wilson was a good bridge player and a lucky one. Her other virtues were that she was an accomplished cook and avid gardener.

One day she invited some women friends to lunch and an afternoon bridge. She was very anxious to try a new recipe for salmon mousse that she had got from the chef of an Italian restaurant and which she had found very impressive. About an hour before lunch she took the mousse from the oven... it looked wonderful... and put it in front of the open window to cool for a few minutes.

Just then the telephone rang, and when she got back to the kitchen, she was horrified to see her neighbour's cat, Chester, at the mousse. She shooed the cat away and was fortunately in time to save the majority of the dish, and, as none of the guests had arrived, she rearranged what was left and put it in the fridge to go on cooling.

Both lunch and bridge were a great success. Everyone was very impressed with the mousse and everyone asked for the recipe which, of course, lacking the Italian chef's altruism, Mrs. Wilson didn't give away. In addition Mrs. Wilson won heavily at the card table... so all in all it was a good afternoon. When the last of her guests had left at about six, Mrs. Wilson sat down in an armchair in the sitting-room, tired but pleased with herself. The armchair in question was just in front of the French window in the sitting-room, and turning her head she had a fine view over her garden and over her newly planted rose bushes. She was looking out dreamily when she suddenly caught sight of her neighbour's cat, lying in the garden... dead. A whole series of images ran through Mrs. Wilson's head. She made up her mind to immediately ring the doctor and explained all about the mousse..! about the cat at the window... and about its death.

Without hesitating he told her to telephone each of the guests, and to meet him at the hospital as soon as possible. For Mrs. Wilson, the next few hours were the most mortifying of her life. Finally, by about ten in the evening, the danger was over, and she was again in the sitting-room... still tired, but no longer happy. Just then the telephone rang. Mrs. Wilson got up to answer it. It was her neighbour in a state of hysterics. "Oh Milli," she sobbed, "Chester's dead. He was killed by some maniac in a car and left in your garden."



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