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Task III. The following is a short description of three different management styles. Check the one you think is being used in the meeting.


____ Autocratic management style: The manager tells the workers exactly what to do. Workers have little or no participation at any level of decision making.


____ Democratic management style: The manager asks workers for opinions and ideas to solve problems. The manager often makes the final decisions, although at times, the workers may have decision-making power.


____ Laissez Faire management style: The manager gives all decision-making power to the workers. The manager has little control or input. Employees receive very little directions and guidance and little or no supervision. This management style is justified only if a company has highly qualified, well-trained and self-motivated employees who know what they must do and need no supervision.


Task IV. What management style are you most familiar with?


Task V. Four people speak about their bosses. Read their stories to compare different types of management.


Janet Simon
  I really like my boss. Sheís a lovely person, very easy to work for, very fair. She always asks what I think before she changes anything. If there is a problem, we solve it together. She never gets angry. I trust her and she trusts me. Itís a pleasure to work for her.     I get on all right with my boss. He doesnít worry about the details of my work and he gives me a lot of freedom. I like that. It makes me a bit angry when he gives me more work than I can do. I donít think he understands that parts of my job are very difficult. But on the whole, I donít think we get on too badly.
Charlotte George
I like my job, but I canít stand my boss. He is very difficult to talk to; he doesnít really listen. He makes all the decisions without asking anybody. And he isnít really fair. He can make a mistake, and thatís all right, but when I make a mistake, he gets angry. It really makes me angry when he changes his mind about things again and again. I canít leave my job right now, but Iím really fed up. I work part-time in a pub, and my boss is obviously a landlord. He is smashing; heís got a great sense of humour. He is very easy to get on with and he is very fair. Heís basically taught me the trade, because I was new when I first came and he taught me, you know, everything that I needed to know. And he isnít unfair when I made mistakes, but was very good to me.


Task VI. Complete the following sentences.

1. Janetís boss is democratic because ______ .

2. Simonís boss has a laissez-faire style of management because ______ .

3. Charlotteís boss is autocratic because ______ .

4. Georgeís boss is democratic because ______ .


Task VII. Compare the four bosses described above. Mark in the chart the qualities that these bosses have.

Janetís boss Simonís boss Charlotteís boss Georgeís boss Quality
        Fair Competent Democratic Considerate Experienced Trustworthy Autocratic Aggressive Reliable Sociable Easy-going Bossy Laissez-faire

Task VIII. Speak about the four bosses above in terms of management style.


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