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Exercise 6. Put the noun in the genitive case. Explain the use of the genitive case.

1. Well, I'd rather be married to a saint that never saw my good looks than to a sinner who saw every other _____. (woman) 2. The breakfast table at ______ was usually a very pleasant one, and was always presided over by Bella. (Mr. Boffin) 3. "I think ______ friendships are much deeper than ______," Mrs. Thompson said. (men, women) 4. That night he had chosen a basement bar a ______ throw from Scotland Yard. (stone) 5. As he passed through the ______ room he saw an evening paper spread out conspicuously on the desk of the ______ nephew. (clerks, director) 6. But I suppose that need not prevent us from quarrelling to our _______ content in future. (heart) 7. With one cold glance could she send me back into childhood with all a lonely ______ terrors and shames. (child) 8. I will even go farther, if you like, and admit, for ______ sake and for ______ sake, that the identity of Lady Glyde, as a living person, is a proved fact to Miss Halcombe "and yourself. (courtesy, argument) 9. He stopped to dinner that evening and much to satisfaction made a favourable impression on her father. (Ruth) 10. He said to her: "Look at my brother ______ property." (James) 11. He had not been at _______ for nearly two years. (Timothy) 12. Benson was listening among the ______ representatives cocking his head on one side. (workers) 13. He had never thought that a mere ______ hand could be sweetly soft. (woman) 14. But he was daunted the next moment by his own and ______ insignificance. (Milly) 15. But by that time the bride was near the end of the first ______ journey towards Florence. (day) 16....he too wished she had remained at home, as did most of the _______ families (congressmen) 17. You need a good ______ sleep. (night) 18. Haven't you noticed that other _______ bread-and-butter is always much nicer than your own? Robert is like that. He always prefers ________ fireside. (people, somebody else) 19. The ______ wives were more expensively dressed than the Civil _______, and in general more spectacular. (politicians, servants) 20. One evening, on the way to the ______, I saw Irwin sitting on the steps of his house. (grocer) 21. I cannot be blamed for all my ______ doings. (kin)



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