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Translated from Hebrew into the Latin Language by Rabbi Abognazar.

(Les Véritables Clavicules de Salomon, traduites de l'Hebreux en langue Latine par le Rabin Abognazar.)


Edited from British Library, Lansdowne MS. 1203. 74 folios. 4°.

Copyright 2001, Joseph H. Peterson.

This manuscript was one used by S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers in his edition of the Key of Solomon the King (Clavicula Salomonis) (London: George Redway, 1889). According to Mathers, "1203 Lansdowne MSS. is 'The Veritable Keys of Solomon translated from the Hebrew into the Latin language by the Rabbin Abognazar (?Aben Ezra).' It is in French, exquisitely written in printing letters, and the Pentacles are carefully drawn in coloured inks. Though containing similar matter to the others, the arrangement is utterly different; being all in one book, and not even divided into chapters."

In fact the arrangement is irrelevant since it is utterly different in content as well, aside from some of the pentacles at the end of the book.

It is puzzling why Mathers inserted random excerpts of it into his book, which otherwise follows the French Colorno editions quite closely. In so doing, Mathers omitted instructions which were integral to the Abognazar method; the result served only to confuse and complicate the operations of the Colorno method.

Some of the sections that Mathers omitted were: Preparation of the sword, dagger, penknife, ink bottle, cup for collecting blood, burner, fire, incense, staff for operations of Venus, second staff for other operations, garment, exorcism of the victim, a long elaboration of spirit names and seals, ten names of God, 3 experiments for love, 12 rings for binding spirits, 28 mansions of the moon, bulk of the pentacles.

Most of Mathers' omissions can be attributed to the fact that the Colorno manuscripts have corresponding (though quite different) instructions. Mathers also for some reason omitted experiments dealing with love magic. And of course he was very reluctant to include instructions dealing with ritual sacrifice.

Besides elements which are unique to this work, it draws on elements of Agrippa's De occulta philosophia, Paracelsus' Archidoxes of Magic, Petro de Abano's Heptameron, the Magical Calendar, andArbatel Of Magic.

The British Library catalogue entry reads as follows:

4to. Another Treatise on the cabalistical art called "Les veritables Clavicules de Salomon, traduites de l'Hebreux en langue Latine, par le Rabin Abognazar." (In Latin and French.) It is a very beautiful specimen of French calligraphy, and, like the former article [i.e. Lans 1202], decorated with a great number of drawings, but in a superior style of execution.

The manuscript probably dates mid 18th century.

There is another manuscript of this text in the Bibliothèque nationale de France numbered Fr. 25,314, dated "MDCXXXIV" (1634), which can hardly be that old. Its title reads, "LES CLAVICULES / DE SALOMON / Traduit de l'Hébreux en Langue Latine, / Par le Rabin Abognazar, / ET / Mis en langue Vulgaire Par M. BARAULT Archevêque d'Arles." It is 141 pages long. The calligraphy appears to be the same as Lans. 1203, and both appear to have been executed by 'F. F. FYOT.' Because each of these two manuscripts contain errors not found in the other it is likely that both were copied from a common ancestor, and not one from the other. In general the two texts coincide exactly, but there are also many places where the wording of the two vary slightly. Since the two versions are too close to make a retranslation likely, the apparent explanation for the differences is simply creativity on the part of the scribe.

The most striking thing about these manuscripts, as noted by both Mathers and the British Library cataloguer, is the great beauty of the calligraphy and artwork. There is also a total absence of corrections in spite of the occasional errors and especially dislocations. These become especially obvious when comparing the two manuscripts. The scribe evidently had an overriding concern with keeping the pages beautiful.

I hope that this edition of the complete Abognazar method will help to clarify the overall manuscript tradition of the Key of Solomon.

Parts of the text in square brackets [] were omitted by Mathers, and the translations supplied are my own.


  • Preliminary discourse *
  • Introduction *
  • Table of planetary hours *
  • NAMES OF THE PLANETS, with the colors that are suitable for each *
  • Table of the Magical Names of the Hours, and of the Angels who rule them *
  • Table of instruments
  • Preparation of the sword
  • Exorcism of the dagger
  • Exorcism of the penknife
  • Exorcism of the burin *
  • Blessing of the ink bottle
  • Exorcism for the cup, wherein one puts the blood
  • Exorcism of the pen quills
  • Exorcism of the burner, fire, and incense
  • Exorcism of the staff for operations of Venus
  • Manner of cutting the other staff, to be used for all the operations
  • Exorcism of the place intended for performing the operations
  • Exorcism of the garment
  • Exorcism of the victim
  • Consecration of the book *
  • [Concerning the nature of the spirits]
  • The ten names of God
  • For Love
  • Another for the same subject
  • Another for the same subject
  • One to render oneself invisible *
  • To hinder a sportsman from killing any game *
  • How to know who has committed a theft *
  • How to make the magic garters *
  • How to make the magic carpet proper for interrogating intelligences *
  • How to render yourself master of a treasure possessed by the spirits *
  • The characters of the 12 rings for binding spirits
  • 28 mansions of the moon
  • The pentacles
  • Notice *

* (Included at least partially in Mathers' edition of the Key of Solomon.)

LES VÉRITABLES CLAVICULES DE SALOMON Traduites de l'Hebreux en langue Latine Par le Rabin ABOGNAZAR. The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon, translated from the Hebrew into the Latin language by the Rabbi Abognazar.1 1. I fancy this must be a corruption of 'Aben Ezra.' -SLM. In manuscript F the title reads simply, The Clavicles of Solomon.... F adds, "Put in the common (i.e. French) language by Mr. BARAULT Archbishop of Arles."
TOUT l'Univers a sçu jusqu'a ce jour que de tems immémorial SALOMON possédait les sciences infuses par les Sages enseignemens d'un Ange, auquel il parut si soumis & obéissant, que par surcroit du Don de Sagesse qu'il demanda, il obtint avec profusion toutes les autres Vertus, ce qui fit que pour ne pas inhumer avec son corps des Sciences dignes d' une mémoire Eternelle étant pour ainsi dire sur sa fin il laissa a son fils ROBOAM un Testament qui les [2] contenoit toutes & dont il a joui jusqu'a sa mort. Les Rabins qui après lui ont été soigneux deles cultiver nommérent ce Testament, Clavicule de Salomon qu'ils firent graver sur des écorces d'Arbres & les Pentacules sur des plaques de cuivre en Lettres Hébraïques pour être soigneusement conservées dans le Temple que ce Sage avait fait construire. Every one knoweth in the present day that from time immemorial Solomon possessed knowledge inspired by the wise teachings of an angel, to which he appeared so submissive and obedient, that in addition to the gift of wisdom, which he demanded, he obtained with profusion all the other virtues; which happened in order that knowledge worthy of eternal preservation might not be buried with his body. Being, so to speak, near his end, he left to his son Roboam a Testament which should contain all (the Wisdom) he had possessed prior to his death. The Rabbins, who were careful to cultivate (the same knowledge) after him, called this Testament the Clavicle or Key of Solomon, which they caused to be engraved on (pieces of) the bark of trees, while the Pentacles were inscribed in Hebrew letters on plates of copper, so that they might be carefully preserved in the Temple which that wise king had caused to be built.
Ce Testament fut anciennement traduit del' Hébreux en Langue Latine par le Rabin Abognazar qui le transporta avec lui dans la Ville d' Arles en Provence, où par un insigne bonheur, l'ancienne Clavicule Hébraïque, c'est à dire la précieuse traduction d'icelle tomba entre les mains de l'Archevêque d'Arles, après la destruction des Juifs en cette Ville, qui du Latin la traduisit en langue Vulgaire & dans les mêmes termes qui s'ensuivent sans avoir altéré ni augmenté l'originale traduction de l'Hébreux. / . This Testament was in ancient time translated from the Hebrew into the Latin language by Rabbi Abognazar, who transported it with him into the town of Arles in Provence, where by a notable piece of good fortune the ancient Hebrew Clavicle, that is to say, this precious translation of it, fell into the hands of the Archbishop of Arles, after the destruction of the Jews in that city; who, from the Latin, translated it into the vulgar tongue, in the same terms which here follow, without having either changed or augmented the original translation from the Hebrew.   F omits the phrase "without having either changed..." Drawing in F has "F. F. Fyot scripsit." on the branch.
MON FILS ROBOAM; comme de toutes les Sciences il n'en est point de plus naturelle, & de plus utile que la connaissance des mouvemens Célestes, j'ai crû en mourant devoir te l'aisser un héritage plus précieux que toutes les Richesses dont je joüis. Et pour te faire comprendre de quelle maniére je suis parvenu â ce dégré, il faut te dire qu'un jour contemplant la puissance de l'Etre Suprême, l'Ange du Grand Dieu s'apparut devant moi dans le tems que je disois O quam mirabilia opera Dei, Que les [6]Ouvrages de Dieu sont surprenants & admirables. Tout d'un coup j'apperçus au fond d'une allée époisse d'arbres, une lumiére en forme d'Etoile ardente qui me dit d'une voix tonnante Salomon, Salomon, Salomon ne t'étonne point? le Seigneur veut bien satisfaire ta curiosité en te donnant la connaissance dela chose qui te sera la plus agréable. Je t'ordonne de lui demander ce que tu désires surquoi étant revenu de la surprise où j'etais, je répondis à l'Ange, qu'après la volonté du Seigneur, je ne désirais que le Don de Sapience, & par la bonté du grand Dieu j'obtins par surcroit la jouissance de tous les Trésors Célestes & la connaissance de toutes choses naturelles. O my Son Roboam! seeing that of all Sciences there is none more useful than the knowledge of Celestial Movements, I have thought it my duty, being at the point of death, to leave thee an inheritance more precious than all the riches which I have enjoyed. And in order that thou mayest understand how I have arrived at this degree (of wisdom), it is necessary to tell thee that one day, when I was meditating upon the power of the Supreme Being, the Angel of the Great God appeared before me as I was saying, O how [great and] wonderful are the works of God! I suddenly beheld, at the end of a thickly-shaded vista of trees, a Light in the form of a blazing Star, which said unto me with a voice of thunder: Solomon, Solomon, be not dismayed; the Lord is willing to satisfy thy desire by giving thee knowledge of whatsoever thing is most pleasant unto thee. I order thee to ask of Him whatsoever thou desirest. Whereupon, recovering from my surprise, I answered unto the Angel, that according to the Will of the Lord, I only desired the Gift of Wisdom, and by the Grace of God I obtained in addition the enjoyment of all the Celestial treasures and the knowledge of all natural things.
C'est mon Fils par ce moyen que je posséde toutes les Vertus & Richesses dont tu me vois jouir à present, & pour peu que tu veuille être attentif à tout ce que je vais raconter, & que tu retienne avec soin ce que je te vais dire, je t'assure que les Graces du grand Dieu te seront [7] familiéres, & que les Créatures Célestes & terrestres te seront obéïssantes, Science qui n'opére que la force & la Puissance des choses naturelles & des Anges purs qui les régissent dont je te donnerai les Noms par Ordre, leurs exercices & emplois particuliers auxquels ils sont déstinés, ensemble les jours auxquels ils président particuliérement, pour que tu puisse venir à bout de tout ce que tu trouveras dans ce mien Testament, Dont je promets la réussite, pourvû que tous tes ouvrages ne tendent qu'à l'honneur de Dieu qui m'a donné la force de dominer non seulement sur les choses Terrestres mais aussi sur les Célestes c'est à dire sur les Anges dont je puis disposer à ma volonté & obtenir d'eux des Services trés considérables. It is by this means, my Son, that I possess all the virtues and riches of which thou now seest me in the enjoyment, and in order that thou mayest be willing to be attentive to all which I am about to relate to thee, and that thou mayest retain with care all that I am about to tell thee, I assure thee that the Graces of the Great God will be familiar unto thee, and that the Celestial and Terrestrial Creatures will be obedient unto thee, and a science which only works by the strength and power of natural things, and by the pure Angels which govern them. Of which latter I will give thee the names in order, their exercises and particular employments to which they are destined, together with the days over which they particularly preside, in order that thou mayest arrive at the accomplishment of all, which thou wilt find in this my Testament. In all which I promise thee success, provided that all thy works only tend unto the honour of God, Who hath given me the power to rule, not only over Terrestrial but also over Celestial things, that is to say, over the Angels, of whom I am able to dispose according to my will, and to obtain from them very considerable services.
Premiérement, il faut que tu sache que Dieu ayant fait toutes choses pour lui être soumises, il à bien voulu porter ses oeuvres jusqu'au dégré le plus parfait en faisant un ouvrage qui participe, du Divin & du Terrestre, c'est-à-dire l'homme, [8] dont le Corps est grossier & terrestre, & l'ame Spirituelle & céleste, auquel il a soumis toute la terre & ses habitans, & lui a donné des moyens par lesquels il peut se rendre les Anges familiers que j'appelle Créatures célestes, qui sont déstinés, les vns à regler le mouvement des Astres, les vns a habiter les Elémens, les autres à aider & conduire les hommes, & les autres à chanter continuellement les Louanges du Seigneur; tu peux donc par le moyen de leurs Sceaux & Caracteres teles rendre familiers pourvu~ que tu n'en abuse pas en exigeant d'eux des choses qui leurs sont contraires, car maudit celui qui prendra le Nom de Dieu en vain & qui mal emploira les sciences & les biens dont il nous a enrichis. Firstly. It is necessary for thee to understand that God, having made all things, in order that they may be submitted unto Him, hath wished to bring His works to perfection, by making one which participates of the Divine and of the Terrestrial, that is to say, Man; whose body is gross and terrestrial, while his soul is spiritual and celestial, unto whom He hath made subject the whole earth and its inhabitants, and hath given unto Him means by which He may render the Angels familiar, as I call those Celestial creatures who are destined: some to regulate the motion of the Stars, others to inhabit the Elements, others to aid and direct men, and others again to sing continually the praises of the Lord. Thou mayest then, by the use of their seals and characters, render them familiar unto thee, provided that thou abusest not this privilege by demanding from them things which are contrary to their nature; for accursed be he who will take the Name of God in vain, and who will employ for evil purposes the knowledge and good wherewith He hath enriched us.
Je te commande Mons Fils, de bien graver en ta mémoire tout ce que je te dis, pour qu'il n'en sort jamais. Si tu n'avais le dessein de bien user des secrets que je t'enseigne; je t'ordonne [9] de jetter plutôt ce Testament au feu que d' abuser du pouvoir que tu auras de contraindre les Esprits, car je t'avertis que ces Anges bienfaiteurs fatigués & lassés par tes illicites demandes, pourraient à ton malheur exécuter les Ordres de Dieu, aussi bien qu'à celui de tous ceux qui mal intentionnés abuseraient des secrets qu'il lui à plû me donner & reveler; ne crois pas pourtant mon Fils, qu'il ne te soit permis de profiter des biens & plaisirs que les Esprits Divins peuvent te rendre, au contraire, c'est pour eux un trés grand plaisir de rendre service à l'homme avec qui plusieurs de ces Esprits ont beaucoup de penchant & d'affinité, Dieu les ayant destinés à la conservation & conduite des choses Terrestres qui sont soumises au pouvoir de l'homme. I command thee, my Son, to carefully engrave in thy memory all that I say unto thee, in order that it may never leave thee. [F adds: ou du moins, je t’ordonne que ("or, at least, I order that...")] If thou dost not intend to use for a good purpose the secrets which I here teach thee, I command thee rather to cast this Testament into the fire, than to abuse the power thou wilt have of constraining the Spirits, for I warn thee that the beneficent Angels, wearied and fatigued by thine illicit demands, would to thy sorrow execute the commands of God, as well as to that of all such who, with evil intent, would abuse those secrets which He hath given and revealed unto me. Think not, however, O my Son, that it would not be permitted thee to profit by the good fortune and happiness which the Divine Spirits can bring thee; on the contrary, it gives them great pleasure to render service to Man for whom many of these Spirits have great liking and affinity, God having destined them for the preservation and guidance of those Terrestrial things which are submitted to the power of Man.
Il y a de différentes sortes d'Esprits, selon les choses auxquelles ils président, ils y en a qui régissent le Ciel Empiré, d'autres le premier Mobile, d'autres le premier & Second Cristallin, [10] d'autres le Ciel Etoilé, il y a aussi des Esprits au Ciel de Saturne que je nomme Saturnites, il y a des Esprits Jovials, Martials, Solaires, des Véneriens, Mercuriels & Lunaires; il y en a aussidans les Elémens aussi bien qu'aux Cieux, il y en a dans la Région ignée, d'autres dans l'Air; d'autres dans l'Eau, & d'autres sur la terre, qui tous peuvent rendre Service à l;homme, qui aura le bonheur de les Connaitre & de savoir les attirer. There are different kinds of Spirits, according to the things over which they preside; some of them govern the Empyrean Heaven, others the Primum Mobile, others the First and Second Crystalline, others the Starry Heaven; there are also Spirits of the Heaven of Saturn, which I call Saturnites; there are Jovial, Martial, Solar, Venerean, Mercurial, and Lunar Spirits; there are also (Spirits) in the Elements as well as in the Heavens, there are some in the Fiery Region, others in the Air, others in the Water, and others upon the Earth, which can all render service to that man who learns their nature, and knows how to attract them.
Je veux encore te faire connaitre que Dieu a déstiné à chacun un esprit qui veille & prend soin à notre conservation, iceux sont appellés Génies qui sont Elémentaires comme nous & qui sont plus faciles à rendre service à ceux dont le tempéramment est conforme à l'élément que ces Génies habitent: de même par Exemple si tu étais d'un tempéramment igné, c'est-à-dire Sanguine, ton génie serait igné & soumis à l'Empire de Baël. Il y a outre cela des temps réservés pour l'invocation de ces [11] Esprits, des jours & heures auxquels ils ont des forces & un Empire absolu: C'est pour cela que tu verras dans la Table Suivante à quelle Planette & a quel Ange sont soumis chaques jours & heures, ensemble les couleurs qui leurs conviennent, les Métaux les Herbes, plantes, animaux aquatiques, aëriens & Terrestres & les encens qui leur sont propres comme aussi en quelle partie du monde ils demandent d'être invoqués sans omettre les conjurations, Sceaux, Caracteres & Lettres Divines qui leurs conviennent par lesquelles on reçoit la puissance de Simpatiser avec ces Esprits. Furthermore, I wish to make thee understand that God hath destined to each one of us a Spirit, which watches over us and takes care of our preservation; these are called Genii, who are elementary like us, and who are more ready to render service to those whose temperament is conformed to the Element which these Genii inhabit; for example, shouldest thou be of a fiery temperament, that is to say sanguine, thy genius would be fiery and submitted to the Empire of Baël. Besides this, there are special times reserved for the invocation of these Spirits, in the days and hours when they have power and absolute empire. It is for this reason that thou wilt see in the following tables to what Planet and to what Angel each Day and Hour is submitted, together with the Colours which belong unto them, the Metals, Herbs, Plants, Aquatic, Aërial, and Terrestrial Animals, and Incense, which are proper to each of them, as also in what quarter of the Universe they ask to be invoked. Neither are omitted, the Conjurations, Seals, Characters, and Divine Letters, which belong to them, by means of which we receive the power to sympathise with these Spirits.
Pour comprendre la Table Suivante dans laquelle sont écrites les heures Planétaires, il faut remarquer que chaque rang est pour chaque jour & que les dessus de chaque rang qui est en Chiffre & commencé par huit sont les heures du Soleil levant & couchant, & que le rang dessous qui est commencé par un, est l'heure depuis la mi-nuit jusqu'à une autre, & que ce qui est ombré signifie nocturne. Comme si tu voulois par exemple opérer [12] un Dimanche à l'heure du Soleil, il faudrait commencer à six heures depuis la minuit qui est la première du Soleil levé tout ainsi qu'il est marqué ce qui doit servir d'Exemple pour tous les autres: [flower] [To understand the following table, on which is written the planetary hours, note that each row is for each day, and that the first column (starting with eight) shows the hours from sunrise to sunset. The third column (starting with 1) shows the hours from midnight to midnight, and where it is shaded indicates night. Therefore, if you wanted for example to operate one Sunday in the hour of the Sun, it would be necessary to begin six hours after midnight, for that is the first hour lined up with the Sun, and you must use this example for all the others:]
[13] HEURES PLANÉTAIRES. Table of the Planetary Hours.


Pour le Dimanche. [For Sunday]     Pour le Lundi. [for Monday]  


Pour le Mardi. [For Tuesday]     Pour le Mercredi. [For Wednesday]  


Pour le Jeudi. [For thursday]     Pour le Vendredi. [For Friday]  


Pour le Samedi. [For Saturday]  


NOMS DES PLANETTES, Avec les Couleurs qui leurs conviennent à toutes. [NAMES OF THE PLANETS, with the colors that are suitable for each.]
Saturne. Jupiter. Mars. Le Soleil. Venus Mercure. La Lune.  
Plomb. Noir. Etain Bleu. Fer. Rouge. Or. Jaune. Cuivre. Verd. Mercure. Méllés. Argent. Blanc.  
Saturn. Jupiter. Mars. The Sun. Venus Mercury. The Moon.  
Lead Black Tin Blue Iron Red Gold Yellow Copper Green Mercury Mixed Silver White  
NOMS DES HEURES ET DES ANGES qui y président à commencer à une heure après minuit jusqu'au Samedi à minuit. TABLE OF THE MAGICAL NAMES OF THE HOURS, AND OF THE ANGELS who rule them, commencing at the first hour after Midnight of each day, and ending at the ensuing Midnight
Pour le Dimanche. [For Sunday]    
Noms des Heures [Names of the Hours]   Noms des Anges. [Names of the Angels]
Yayn Michaël [sic]
Janor Gabriel
Nasnia Cassiël
Salla Sachiël
Sadedali Samaël [sic]
Thamur Anaël [sic]
Ourer Raphaël [sic]
Thaine Michaël [sic]
Jayo Gabriël
Abay Caniël [sic]
Natalon Tachiel [sic]
Beron Samaël [sic]
Barol Anaël [sic]
Thanu Raphaël [sic]
Athir Michaël [sic]
Mathon Gabriël
Rana Carfsiel [sic]
Netos Sachiel
Tafrac Samaël [sic] [18]
Neron Anaël [sic]
Sassur Raphaël [sic]
Aglo Michaël [sic]
Calerna Gabriel
Salam Caniel [sic]


Pour le Lundi. [For Monday]    
Noms des Heures [Names of the Hours]   Noms des Anges. [Names of the Angels]
Yayn Sachiel
Janor Samaël
Nasnia Anaël
Salla Raphaël
Sadedali Michaël
Thamur Gabriel
Ourer Carsiel
Thaine Sachiel
Neron Samaël
Jayo Anaël
Abay Raphaël
Natalon Michaël
Beron Gabriël
Barol Caniel
Thanu Sachiel
Athir Samaël
Mathon Anaël
Rana Raphaël
Netos Michaël [19]
Tafrac Gabriel
Sassur Carsiel
Aglo Sachiel
Calerna Samaël
Salam Anael


Pour le Mardi. [For Tuesday]    
Noms des Heures [Names of the Hours]   Noms des Anges. [Names of the Angels]
Yayn Raphaël
Janor Michaël
Nasnia Gabriël
Salla Cassiel
Sadedali Sachiell
Thamur Samaël
Ourer Anaël
Thaine Raphaël
Neron Michaël
Jayo Gabriel
Abay Carsiel
Natalon Sachiel
Beron Samaël
Barol Anaël
Thanu Raphaël
Athir Michaël
Mathon Gabriel
Rana Caniell
Netos Sachiel [20]
Tafrac Samaël
Sassur Anaël
Aglo Raphaël
Calerra [sic] Michaël
Salam Gabriel


Pour le Mercredi. [For Wednesday]    
Noms des Heures [Names of the Hours]   Noms des Anges. [Names of the Angels]
Yayn Carsiel
Janor Sachiel
Nasnia Samaël
Salla Anaël
Sadedali Raphaël
Thamur Michaël
Oourer [sic] Gabriel
Thaine Caniel
Neron Sachiel
Jayo Samaël
Abay Anaël
Nathalon [sic] Raphaël
Beron Michaël
Barol Gabriel
Thanu Caniel
Athir Sachiel
Mathon Samaël
Rana Amaël [21]
Netos Raphaël
Tafrac Michaël
Sassur Gabriel
Aglo Cassiel
Caerra Sachiel
Salam Samaël


Date: 2015-12-17; view: 1609

Pour le Jeudi. [For Thursday]    
Noms des Heures [Names of the Hours]   Noms des Anges. [Names of the Angels]
Yayn Anaël
Janor Raphaël
Nasnia Michaël
Salla Gabriel
Sadedali Caniel
Thamur Sachiel
Ourer Samaël
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